Monday, 2 February 2015

One Year later

Well, what a difference a year makes.
Mark, Monti and I have lived in Missoula for almost a year.
And for the most part, we really do love it here. True, there is still the adjustment of going from living in a city in the South, to the valley/city of the West. But I have to say, it is coming.
I can't say we really fit in. Mostly because life has remain crazy.
For one, no sooner than we got settled that Mark's knee surgery date was moved to early July. This meant our summer was spend with Mark recovery from his surgery and the PT that goes with it. More about that later.
And then there is the ongoing battle with the VA to get me added to Mark's claim as his wife. You see, according to the VA, Mark is still single. Despite all of the paperwork and hoops we have jumped, he is still being paid as a single man.
But of course what made his recovery go so well, was not just the love and prayers of family and friends, but the love of one special little dog, Monti.
 The knee surgery was needful for not only was his ACL tore, but son was his PCL. The damage was far worse than even the doctor had thought. But we thank G-d for the amazing surgeon Mark had, for an amazing PT staff as well as living in an apartment that made Mark's getting about so much easier.
To be honest, it was a trying time. Like many men, Mark hated laying around. For the first few days, total bed rest. Then, going from a wheel chair to crutches, to walking on his own. It was tough on him, having to lean on me, instead of being able to take care of himself. But within a few weeks, slowly, he began to allow me to just care for him, realizing it wasn't a burden, but my loving him. it began a special time we cherished. Sometimes, G-d puts us in a place where we need to receive.
Today, my beloved has been released from doctor's orders and walks without a cane. He still needs PT to strengthen his knee, but it is getting stronger.
Thanks be to G-d for His Healing touch.
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