Friday, 19 October 2012

Operation; New Beginning, Part 3

Hey boys and girls, we are half way through packing the Reel Tent.
My sitting room is no more.
But Mark promises one day, when we have a home of our own, I will once again have my lady's chamber.
But in the mean time, we push forward with the move.
I awoke this morning around four with a will. After morning prayers, I got busy packing up the Shabbath table, the place where I set up for Shabbath each week.
I got the idea from a friend who set a small table with all the holy objects for Shabbath. It is my special holy place, where I am the woman of the house ushers in Shabbath.
It was hard taking it apart, for my precious treasures have rested here in this same place, this same space for seven year.
That's 364 Shabbaths! Not counting the Feast of the L-rd.
As I break down the Dinning room. I cannot help but think that we left a little of the Holy in this place, that His sweet Presence shall be felt by those who live here next, that they shall be blessed by the sweet memories and by the Divine that dwelled here.
We were blessed two friends come over and help us move some boxes this afternoon. This will make more room for the workers tomorrow. I hate moving on Shabbath, but it can't be helped. The church that is helping us move is only free tomorrow and we are blessed to have their aid. I know the Holy One will bless their kindness.
Monti is slowly beginning to adjust to the move. As you can see, Monti is sitting in my chair, watching the work taking place. He will be going to stay with another family tomorrow so that the little guy doesn't get in the way.
Well, back to packing.
Until next time,

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Cabinet Members - Humanity

Operation New Beginnings Part 2

Well after taking the day off, it is back to packing.
As we pack up the Reel Tent, I find myself often asking the question, "do I really need this?" And often the answer is no. Either Mark and/or I have out grown it or don't need it.
So we have a box set aside for thing to go to Good Will. Not junk, but loving second hand treasures.
We have been blessed boxes; Hope Haven where mummie Jordan lives, saved a brunch of boxes and new friend Jerry, saved boxes for us as well from a recent shipment of comic books (Jerry owns  the Comic Book Store where my brother David use to work.)
Our neighours have been dropping off boxes for us well, sorry to see us leave,  but vowing to keep in touch. Already we have the phone numbers of seven of  our neighours and when we have the house dedicated, we will invite them over.
We are really having fun as we pack up. Memories of the first weeks we moved in, having to dig out long johns because the heat wasn't on yet, creating the sun room into a breakfast nook, only to find the sun didn't shine into the room until four in the afternoon. And Monti running through the apartment with our undergarments.
A few days ago, I had gone into the kitchen to turn off the tea kettle and returned to the living room, to continue packing. From the corner of my eye, I noticed a large box moving slightly.
Knowing we don't have ghosts, nor were any trucks driving by, I figured there was another reason.
And I didn't see Monti any where....
Just as I thought. Since the box top is the same level as the sofa, it would be logical for Monti to check it out....
I think he looks rather comfortable.....

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Reels Meet Romney

Today Mark and I took a break from packing.
Yesterday morning, a friend send a link for free tickets to attend a rally in support of Gov. Mitt Romney. The event would be held upon the grounds of Tidewater Community College (TCC) in Chesapeake.
So last night, Mark printed out the tickets and this morning, after dropping Monti off at Doggie Daycare, we headed off for TCC.
It was a beautiful, sunny morning. We noted it was a good thing we left early; we didn't run into much traffic and found a nice parking spot.
Making things easy for all, there were shutters back and forth to the campus, not just for crowd control,  but security, which was quite high.
We were actually excited about attending the event, the first political rally for both of us. We knew we were part of something bigger than us. Given how our lives have been impacted by Mr.Obama and not for the better, it was important that we were there, adding our voices to the "change" we wanted to see in the White House, in the direction of our nation.
The air was filled with laughter and music. All Motown hits. I have to admit, I approve of Mr.Romney's taste in music. The lines getting onto the grounds were long, but with the music playing and people swaying to the beat as they chatted, no one really seen to mind.
I found myself having my picture taken a lot. The last time I drew such a crowd was when I was in Turkey and the locals thought I was Nell Carter from Gimme a Break.
At one point, a woman asked if I was Muslim.
"No, madam, I am Hebrew and I wear the attire of my fore mothers (though mother Sarah didn't wear blue jeans).
She then asked, "do you mind if I have my picture taken with you."
Of course. I knew the reason. It's for the same reason I came, that I brought my camera. How often we hear no non-white person will vote for Mitt Romney.
Well, here I am.

As you can see, Mark and I have found ourselves right behind where the speakers would take their place. And to tell the truth, it was a pretty good point. We also recorded some video, hope to have that up tomorrow.
As you can see, we "have Mr.Romney's Back." We kept waiting for him to turn around so I can get a better picture him. I will tell you, he already carrys himself as the President. Standing straight and tall, clearly a mature man, a man secure in himself and yet modest. And doesn't look a bit of sixty-five years old.
When it came to thank our armied forces for their service, that is when Mr. Romney turned around.
Seeing Mark's raised hand, Mr. Romney nodded at him. So cool.
But I have to admit to my favourite part....
When Mr. Romney speaking, he worked the crowd, shaking hands and thanking folks for coming, for their support.
When he saw me, he reached his full length and not only shook my hand, but squeezed it. And while someone stepped into the shot so you can't see him holding my hand, it is me Mr. Romney is speaking to.
We met many folks at the Rally; young and old, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, my newest friend, who a Mormon, a pastor friend and his wife and a lady from our shul. We met a older gentlemen, retired navy who's forty-three year old son had to return home to live with his parents because he couldn't find a job. "I'm not worry about myself," he told me. "I'm worry about my five grandchildren." I met a black student who had voted for Mr. Obama, but switch his support to Romney. When asked why.
his answer; "the dude lied."
Mark and I had already decided to vote for Mr. Romney, but being at the Rally today helped seal the deal. I like what I saw in Mr. Romney. Dull? No way. Stiff? Nope. Engaging? Quite. And that smile! The dancing eyes, the voice clear and strong. The firm hand shake. The way he looked me in the eye, knowing how tough it is for a woman of colour to go against the tide.
So after a day at Doggie Daycare and then a quick run through the Doggie Park, Monti is now sleep in front of the radio.
Mark is packing and I need to go and help. But what day it has been.

Romney holds rally in Chesapeake

    If you look left of Mr. Romney, you will see Mark and I.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Shabbath Shalom

From my favorite artist, Alex Levin, Shabbath Shalom:


Operation New Beginnings

On Tuesday, 1:00 pm, Operation New Beginnings sprang into action.
Tuesday evening, with boxes in hand, I began the task of packing the Reel Tent for our new base of operation, trying to figure where to begin.
After all, we are talking seven years of living in this apartment.
Seven years.
We moved into this apartment three months after we were married. I remember that afternoon, after looking at several apartments, saw this one and we both knew this was it.
We had myold livingroom set from my former apartment. Mark has his bedroom set.Over time we would replace it all with new things, creating our home together.
Seven years later, here we are, with twice as much as we came here with. And a Monti. Where do I begin?
This is where our marriage grew and matured. Where I would welcome Mark home from two deployments. Where we mourn the lost of our unborn baby. Where we welcomed friends and family for Holy Days, Shabbath and just fun get togethers.
Now, we are leaving this place. This apartment bathed with the love of two people who dearly loved each other and the G-d that brought them together.
Our engagement picture. Once sitting on a mantle, now in a packing box.
But soon, this picture will sit upon the mantle of our fireplace.
A new place. A new beginning. As I let go of the past, I am so ready for what the Holy One, Blessed be He has for us.
Now if only we can keep Monti out of the boxes.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ten Days

Yesterday morning, Mark headed off to court. We knew what would happen; Mark would appear before the judge, admit we have not been able to pay our rent and we would have to leave.
Mark didn't even get to see the judge.
He met with the landlord's lawyer, the lawyer told Mark judges don't even listen to these cases unless your fighting the eviction. "I'm glad you came Mr. Reel. You own a lot of money. You have ten days to leave the apartment.
It was that clear cut.
So after he got home and had a bit to eat, Mark called the Deacons and took them all that happen. The deacons on their part began to get the funds together to pay the first month's rent. I could see the struggle; being asked to leave your home isn't the easiest thing to handle. I had to remind him this isn't a reflection on him as a  man; Mark had done everything he could to meet the rent.
And while this is tough, at least we have a place to go. Not everyone is so blessed.
So today, Mark went over to sign the lease. Chris, our new landlord, said if we could pay him the rent today, he would knock off 200.00 off the deposit.
So Mark met up with the deacons, they gave him the check, got a copy of the lease and Chris got his check.
And 200.00 was knocked off the deposit.
When Mark returned home, he had several boxes so I can start packing.
So we have ten days to move out of the apartment we have called home for seven years to our new home. It is a new start, a fresh beginning. A second chance.
A new path to travel on this adventure.

Monday, 8 October 2012

The Debate; What Debate?

Last week was the first of the debates.
I confess, I didn't watch.
One, despite the fact that I am a very good debater, I don't really like debates, I prefer discussions.
Two, I already know who I am voting for and could find a better use of my time.
Early on in the evening, I checked what was happening on facebook. I couldn't help but laugh reading the following comment from someone I know: "watching these two is as about exciting as watching moss grow."
Seems I had made the right choice, choosing to listen to Bach than to the Fox radio.
But then Mark came home from his meeting with the Deacons. He had been listening to the Romney-Obama debate on the way home.
"Laini, I don't know who Mr.Obama send in his place, but Mr.Romney is wiping the floor with him."
So went back on facebook to see what was being said;
"Romney cleaned his clock!"
"Romney showed up and showed out!"
And the one that floored me: "I was thinking about voting for Obama, but man, it's Romney all the way!"
I went to find the weather channel on the radio to see if hell froze over. Obama lost?
"Laini," Mark said with a sigh, "he didn't even show up!"
So I went to watch the repay on Fox online, and I tell you, I didn't watch long.
Now you know I am not an Obama fan... But what the heck happen to the man???
That was not  the Mr.Obama  I knew on that stage.
As I watched the beginning, I saw two things;
1. Mitt Romney came. Mitt Romney saw. Mitt Romney took over. He was cool, calm and collected. He stood straight and tall. He knew that he was going to debate the President, who's job he wanted. Mitt Romney also knew he would have to fight to get that job. Mitt Romney came to win.
And Mr. Obama.....
Where was he? Clearly he didn't wish to be there; he made that clear in both word and stance. His thoughts weren't together, he did not look even Mr.Romney, but at the floor, sometimes at his watch. Mr.Obama did not come to debate Mr Romney, he came to tell those watching why they should vote for him.
I couldn't watch the whole thing, it was too painful.
In the words of  the late Marvin Gay, Mr.Obama came up to Mr.Romney and said "here, my dear." Inessence, he handed Mr.Romney that win on a silver platter.
The only out I will give Mr.Obama is that night is this; that night Mr and Mrs Obama should have been out, celebrating twenty years of marriage. I believe he should have asked that the date be changed so that he could spend this most important night with his bride. Only the hardness of hearts would not have understood this. I believe Mr.Obama's mind was on his wife, not the man across from him.
I believe his heart, his spirit wasn't in that room, because they were with the wife of his youth.
Now, if the next day, Mr. Obama had said, "folks, I confess, I was off my game, I was thinking, 'man I can't wait to get off this stage and hold my woman' so I lost. But the next time...." I would have had more respect for him. But to blame his lost on Mr. Romney's "lying" is the whine of a poor loser.
Now, if  I were to advise Mr.Obama for the next debate, I would tell him first, watch Mr.Romney's performance from that night and see how Mr.Romney presented himself to the American people. Like the President.
I would tell him to find another debate coach.
 I would tell him, leave your watch at home, look at Mr.Romney and not your shoes
And last but not least, I have taken Malcolm X's personal statement as my own and suggest Mr.Obama do the same:
"all of the credit is due to g-d. Only the mistakes have been mine."
But I don't think he would listen to me.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

My Favorite Sukkot Story

It is the last night of Sukkot. Sadly, this year we weren't able to setup our own Sukkot or share a meal with others, it was still an amazing time.
On this raining last night of Sukkot, I would like to share my favourite Sukkot story:

Yohannan 1: 14And The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of The Only Begotten of The Father, full of grace and truth. Yohannan bore witness of him and cried, saying, “This was he of whom I spoke: 'He that comes after me is preferred in honor before me, for he had priority over me.' And of his fullness we have all received, and grace for grace. For The Law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Yeshua The Messiah. No man has seen God at any time; The Only Begotten God Who is in the bosom of The Father, he has declared him.”

Luke 1: But it occurred in those days that a command also went out from Augustus Caesar that every nation of his empire would be registered. This census was the first in the government of Quraynus in Syria. And everyone was going to be registered in his own city. But Yoseph had come up from Nazareth, a city of Galilee, to Judea to the city of David called Bethlehem, because he was from the house and from the lineage of David, With Maryam his bride when she was pregnant, that he might be registered there. And it was, that while they were there, the days were completed for her to give birth. And she brought forth her firstborn Son and she wrapped him in swaddling bands, and she laid him in a manger because there was no place for them where they might lodge"
Yes, Yeshua, Ha Messiah was born during the Feast of Sukkot.
Does it matter when Yeshua was born? Yes, for the Bible clearly points to when Yeshua was born. While we don't have the actual date, we know what season He was born in.
How? Simple math.
Yeshua was 33 and1/2 years old when He was put to death on Passover. This would have been early April. Now forward six months. If He had lived, Yeshua would have celebrated His 34th birthday in October, during Sukkot. This means that the angel Gabriel would have appeared to Maryam (Mary) in December and she would have conceived Messiah during Hanukkah. Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah made His appearance during one of the Feast of the L-rd.
The Inn. While the greek word for inn, Kataluma, is often written as inn, the word carrys many meanings, including 'guest room." An example of this can be found in Luke 22:11, when Yeshua is looking for a place to hold the Passover meal. "Say to the owner of the house, 'the Teacher asks: where is the guest room (kataluma) where I might eat The Passover with My disciples?"
Consider; Yeshua was born in the 'sukkat' because there was no room in the guest room."
Yes, I know this turns Christmas plays on their heads. But think my friends; while this doesn't make sense to us in the West, many homes in Israel have changed little in the past 2,000 years or so. In a simple village, the homes would be what we call split-level. The family would live in a larger room, maybe two rooms, the second being for guest. Under the house, the animals would be brought in at night, to keep them safe and warm, their body heat rising up to keep the family upstairs warm during the cold seasons.
Think of it: Yeshua wasn't born in some cold cave, but in a family member's home. That there was family celebration of a Son!
This is why so many of us who believe Yeshua is Ha Messiah celebrate His birth, not on December 25th, but during the Feast of Sukkot.
Truly the Season of Our Rejoicing.

The Debate; What Debate?

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Ushpizin Part Two

As stated before, during Sukkot, part of the tradition is the welcoming of guest, to enjoy and rejoice with others.
But also we remember the forty years our forefathers and mothers wandered through the wilderness as, well as others who endured the suffering of exile and felt the Presence of HaShem.
During the seven days, we invite seven who have experience such a journey, seven who endured and overcame the difficulties with the protection of HaShem, learning from their lives how to deal with our own desert times.

 From father Avraham, commanded "Go forth from your homeland, from your birthplace and from the house of your father, to the Land that I will show you." (Gen. 12:1)
From Yitzchak, we find "And there was a famine in the Land, in addition to the one that occurred in the days of Avraham; and Yitzchak went to Avimelech, King of the Philistines, in Gerar." (Gen. 26:1)
From Yaakov,  "Arise, therefore, and go to Aram, the house of Bethuel, your mother's father." (Gen. 28:2)
From Yosef, who was  sold as a slave to Egypt by his own brothers. In one day, Yosef went from being his father's favour in fine clothing, to a slave in chains and rags.  His exile led to the saving of the very brothers who wanted him dead as well as forgiving them.
Moshe and Aharon led our people during the forty year sojourn in the desert. Not as easy task to be sure.
 From David, the Shepard boy who became the great king and worshipper, fleeing from his enemies into the Desert of Judea, the one from who's bloodline Messiah comes. Many Psalms of David were penned in dark caves, clinging to G-d, trusting HaShem to defend and save him.
From each we learn how to maintain our hope, our faith in the protection of our G-d. That despite great adversity, G-d is faithful to keep His children, that He covers us with His wings. We have nothing to fear,for "Thou Art with me." 

A Sukkot Miracle

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who has prayed for and with Mark and I these past several months. For the letters of encouragement, for those who donated to PayPal to help support us, for the cards and the phones calls. All of you are amazing.
As all of you know, Mark has been looking for work for two years. Last year, we had a false start with a job that lasted only several weeks due to the fact that it was seasonal work.
Twelve weeks ago, Mark began attending the ,Building Trades Academy.
The Building Trades Academy Inc., is a 501(c)3 entity that strives to deliver workforce education, training and employment services that lead to better jobs and careers in the building trades to low-income residents of South Hampton Roads through partnerships with industry, government, and community organizations; to deliver vocational training through partnerships that enhance the community and promote affordable home ownership (yes, I copied this off their website) Since, in the past two years, we have gone from an 60,000 a year income to under 10,000 making us an low-income family, Mark was able to enroll.

And frankly, it is exactly what Mark needed. Mark not only received the needed skill for the various construction trades, but how to succeed in his new field of employment, but they also receive life skills training. Mark's training was  as if he really on the  job, and he would indeed come home happy from a hard day's work.

 It was a tough twelve weeks including me falling and spraining my knee and wrist, Mark getting a summer cold, the death of our friend and brother David and little money to live on.
The last week of school, the students worked on various jobs sites for four days without pay, putting into use the skills they have obtained. For, it was Lincoln Military housing. And he loved it. Each day he came home with stories of the things he did, the people he had met and how he would love to work there. On his last day, Mark was asked to apply for a job.
The next day, 28th of September, the 199th of the Building Trade graduated, including my beloved.

And yes, I am very proud of my man....
 This past Thursday, Mark was hired by Lincoln Military housing; as soon as the background check and the results of the drug test comes in, he goes to work.
A few weeks ago, friends from our former church suggested we on to their deacon and ask for assistance, so that we can avoid eviction. The night before Mark's interview, he met with two of the deacons.. These dear men prayed for us and felt what we needed was a fresh start. What we own was too much for them to help with. But they offered the following; that they would be willing to pay for first and last month's rent and help us move. They even e-mailed the next day a list of places we should check into.
Before his interview, Mark stopped to see our rabbi to tell him what has been happening. He was so happy to see Mark, and even gave Mark the name of someone who had apartments to rent. When asked how I was doing and knowing I needed medication, rabbi wrote Mark a check to cover the cost and even filled Mark's gas tank.
Yesterday morning, Mark, Monti and I went to see the first house on the list. The property manager lived in their house and was renting the bedrooms. We fell in love with the house and with Chris. There is very little furnishing and we offered the use of ours while we live there. Yes, we are moving into a house for at least six months to help get us back onto our feet. We will actually be paying thirty dollars less to rent a house!
So, while we still have to go to court for eviction, we will have a place to live and soon Mark will be returning to work.
I said before I believe in miracles and I still do. Mark and I are living proof that G-d is Faithful.
I hung on to the belief that He would not allow us to be put our on the streets. G-d has brought us too far, has done too much for us, to just drop us. Jews and Christians were His hands and Feet.
He has been faithful, so faithful.
I told my mother I was believing for a Sukkot miracle.
And there it is.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Ushpizin: Abraham

The sage Maimonides admonished that "anyone who sits comfortably with his family within his own walls and does not share with the poor is performing a mitzvah not for joy but for the stomach."
As with all of the Feast of HaShem, we extend personal invitations to the needy amoung us to share our Sukkot meal. Sadly, because we still have no home of our own, we have no Sukkat to invite our friends and family to share our table.
During Sukkot we perform a short ceremony to welcome the Ushpizin, which is aramaic for guest. It
We perform a short ceremony to welcome the ushpizin (Aramaic for "guests"). The full text for the invitation that they join us, including prayers that our fulfillment of the mitzvah of sukkah will be worthy of Divine favour, is printed in a full daily/festival siddur (prayer book). Then, on the first day we say, "I invite to my meal the exalted guests, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, and David. May it please you, Abraham, my exalted guest, that all the other exalted guests dwell with me and with you - Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, and David." On each day, a different one of the seven is singled out, in order. There are many Torah Observers who believe that these men of old truly come from heaven and enjoy the Holy Days with us. Others believe that it just a lovely tradition and from each we can learn lessons about showing kindness to others.

 Abraham would sit outside waiting for the opportunity to invite dusty wayfarers into the shade of his tent, and then run to prepare a meal of the choicest ingredients. (A midrash based on the apocryphal Book of Jubilees claims that the first booth, on which the holiday Sukkot is based, was built by Abraham when he greeted the three Angels who came to tell him his wife Sarah would at last bear a child [Genesis 18:1-10]. Jubilees [16:21] traces other observances of Sukkot to Abraham's tents in Beer-sheva, where he erected an altar and circled it while praying.)
From Abraham and Sarah we see two people who's tent doors were open to all, looking for people to share their table and their G-d with all.

"And do not forget kindness to strangers, for by this, some who, while they were unaware, were worthy to receive Angels." Hebrews 13: 1-2
The Aramaic Bible in Plain English

Monday, 1 October 2012

The Season of Our Rejoicing

Sukkot (in Hebrew)

...On the fifteenth day of this seventh month is the Festival of Sukkot, seven days for the L-RD. -Leviticus 23:34
Five days after the solemn holy day of Yom Kipper is the joyful Festival of Sukkot.
In fact, the morning after Yom Kipper (unless it is Shabbath) around the world, the sounds of hammers fills the air as Hebrews begin building projects, hurrying to get their booths up before on the 15th of Tishri.
We go from making peach with G-d and our fellowman to rejoicing, giving thanks for the blessing of the Creator.  Such is the joy of Sukkot is that it is commonly referred to in Jewish prayer and literature as Z'man Simchateinu Z'mn Simchateinu (in Hebrew), the Season of our Rejoicing.
Sukkot is the last of the  Shalosh R' galim or the three pilgrimage festivals. Like Passover and Shavu'ot, Sukkot has many layers: spiritual,  historical and agricultural. Historically, Sukkot commemorates the forty-year period during which the children of Israel were wandering in the desert, living in temporary shelters. Agriculturally, Sukkot is a harvest festival and is sometimes referred to as Chag Ha-Asif Chag Ha-Asif (in Hebrew), the Festival of Ingathering. Spirituality, we are remind how temporal like is, that we are moral, moving from this life on earth to the next life, One with or without G-d.
The word "Sukkot" means "booths," and refers to the temporary dwellings that we are commanded to live in during this holiday in memory of the period of wandering.
Often translated "Feast of Tabernacles,"this translation is particularly misleading, because the word "tabernacle" in the Bible refers to the portable Sanctuary in the desert, a precursor to the Temple, which  is called in Hebrew "mishkan." The Hebrew word "sukkah" (plural: "sukkot") refers to the temporary booths that people lived in, not to the Tabernacle.
The celebration lasts for seven days. During this time we dwell in boothes. It is not uncommon for many to actually go camping for those seven days. No work is permitted on the first two days, treated like Shabbat. The last seven, work is permitted. But the joy remains. As long as the weather permits, we eat and fellowship in our handmade boothes. Amoung the joys (even commanded) is to invite others to come and dine with us, just as the tent flaps were open to the wander, so our dwelling is open.
O come and taste and see that the L-rd is good! This is the spirit behind the season of our rejoicing.

A Free Phone

Well I am sure most of you have heard or seen the video about the woman who goes on and on about voting for Mr. Obama because "he's going away phones."
Well, to be honest, it isn't an Obama give away, but a program that helps people on a fixed income have a basic phone. And what is wrong with that? In case you need to call 9-11, keep in touch with your ailing parents, or like in Mark's case, if someone calls wishing to set-up a job interview.
Since we lost our phone service two months ago, I can tell you first hand what a nightmare it is not to have a phone. The hospital needed to reach me one morning about my friend David and found the service turned off. It took two days for the doctor to track me down.
Why? No phone.
So, with the receiving of Food Stamps, Mark and I also received an government phone. We get 285 minutes a month. If we need more minutes, well we pay for that ourselves.
And this is the phone. A basic phone. You can send and receive text, voice mail and address book to hold phone numbers. Half the time it drops calls or won't dial. Sometimes the person you called can't hear you saying hello and hangs up, thinking it is a prank call.
It is not a Blackberry.
Yes, I am thankful to have a means to stay in touch with the outside world. But you would this the way this woman has carried out, it was an IPhone.
It is just a plain phone. Not a reason to vote to keep a man in the highest office.
Now if this nation's unemployment was at an all time low than high, if fewer people needed food stamps and free cheap phones, instead of more people receiving government assistance, then I can see singing his praises...
"I was on welfare and Mr.Obama got these job programs goin' see, and I went and got on one of them and...and I got me a job! A J-O-B! I got off welfare and I can take care of me and my kids! Vote for Obama! He gets you jobs!"
Now that would be a reason to vote for anyone.