Friday, 26 July 2013

Oh Deer

A week ago today, Mark, Monti and I took a friend to the Veteran's Hospital for an examine.
Since it would be a couple of hours, we thought an outing at the nearby park in Helena would be a great idea.
After dropping Mike off, we were slowly driving out of the parking lot, when I shouted; "Deer! Stop the car!"
Of course Mark thought I said "DEAR! Stop the car."
Good thing we were only going about 10 miles per.
I jumped out the car with my trusty camera. It was then Mark realize what I was yelling about.
Leaving the VA center, I caught this picture...

A young Doe, rather thin, was leaving the grounds of the VA center...
At first I thought I had frighten her and she was running from me. Until I saw who she was running to...
Twin Fawns.


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Moon Over Montana

It was about 4 O'clock in the afternoon a few days ago that I notice the moon was already out. Not unusual in Montana, but my friends in the South had never heard of such a thing.
So, here are the pictures...
And as you can see, it is a full moon.
And here is the Super Moon of July, 22, 2013

The Future King George

Meet His Royal Highness, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.
A big name, for a tiny little guy, but he will grow into it.
The picture says it all; the look of love the Duke has for his son, the look of wonder and pride and just a little fear as he realizes he holds in his arms a tiny bit of humanity, his child and this child is totality relying on him
Little Prince George has no idea he will one day be King. That he is even a royal prince. His biggest task is to just to adjust to this big, beautiful world he has been born into.
Like any of us really have.
As I watched the Duke and Duchess make their first appearance with their son, I couldn't help but remember another summer day years ago, when another Princess came out with her newborn son to cheering crowds....
Diana, handing to Charles their first born, William....Kate, handing to William their first born...
Such bittersweet memories...

Monday, 22 July 2013

Welcome Little Prince

Just before retiring for the evening, I had heard on the telly that the Duchess of Cambridge had gone into labor and on her way to hospital. St. Mary, the very same hospital the Duke of Cambridge was born.
So this morning, after prayers, I checked the news.
No baby.
So I went about Monday's chores, doing laundry and keeping my eye on the Fox News Cam.
So many of my friends were also waiting. Adding to the excitement is that a friend in Virginia is about to give birth to her third child.
Not yet.
And then, 2:45pm UK time, came the news we were all waiting for...
From all news sources, mother and son are doing fine.
The birth of a child. With all the sad news we have had to deal with these past few weeks, the world's spirits is renewed with the birth of a child.
Yes, a big deal is being made over this child, because he is a Royal, heir to the throne of Great Britain. But does this mean we cannot rejoice over his birth, just as we would rejoice over the birth of any child?
For me, the birth of little Prince Cambridge reminds me that despite its pain and ugliness', the world is still a beautiful amazing place to live. That life is still beautiful.
Mazol Tov to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their first born child. May the little Prince live a long and happy life.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wool Gathering

One of the nice things about living in the mountains of Montana, there is never an dull moment.
Take for example some of my family members.
We share a home with two wolf hybrids, a wolf, a cat and of course, our Monti. We have to keep Monti and the wolf cubs from each other.
They touch noses outside at the gate, but that's it.
The wolf and Monti are cool. They share the same backyard and even touch noses from time to time.
And then there is Monti and the Cat...
That's another story....
JJ, the wolf is rather timid, it is taking some time for him to get use to Mark and I. We get along with Queenie (the cat) and the wolf cubs, they are now use to us and we can even pet and rub tummies. But always mindful, they are wolf hybrids.
Every day is a learning experience. For example, in the summer time, wolves shed their heavy undercoat. That under coat is wool.
So last week, since I take care of the backyard where the Wolf and the  Papillion play, I was asked to pick up JJ's wool.
So I send part of my Monday afternoon Wool Gathering.
I did not expect it to be as soft as lamb's wool. It's a pity I don't know how to spin, otherwise, I could start collecting JJ's wool and spin it into yard. Would make a nice blanket in the winter time.
Maybe I shall look into spinning classes. If not at a local college, then maybe online.

Walking Bulll

Yesterday, just around noon, I was looking out the living room window when I saw a huge, black object walking up our driveway.
It was a Bull.
Yes, I said Bull.
At first thinking I was once again seeing things, I closed my eyes and shook my head to clear it. But when I opened them again, there he stood, looking at the window, as if to say; "yes ma'am, I am really a Bull."
My first thought was, he's standing in the garden, but since the gate was closed, that wasn't so. But then he kept walking and I said out loud, "there's a Bull in the driveway."
Mark came to the window to see what I was talking about. But it was gone.
I went out to the front porch, the Bull was no where in sight.
Mark and his cousin Jay looked at me, not seeing a thing."
"There is nothing there, Laini,' Mark said, now worried that I was slowly beginning to have another melt down.
The family was kind, but concern because I have been known to see unicorns from time to time. But to mistake a possible deer, moose or horse for a bull....?
I was in tears. I knew what I saw! After four months of living in Montana, I now know the difference between a bull, horse and moose. The bull even looked like it belonged to the herd down the street.
So I went downstairs and got my camera, I just knew it was coming back.
About twenty minutes, it did.....
 This time, walking on the other side of our garden, came the bull. He even was kind enough to stay still so I could take this picture,
Once I showed the picture to Mark's aunt, all doubt was removed. Then Jay, who was still on the porch, turned around and cried: "Holy Cow! there's a bull in our yard!"
Animal control was called and the owner contracted. Soon, the bull was headed back out towards town, where we hope its owner found him.
And no one was more relieved to know my brain wasn't playing tricks on me, than myself. For a second, Mark was ready to call my therapist.
So how was your Tuesday?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Yes, there are Llamas in Montana.
We planted this golden apple tree about three months ago. It seems the Humming Birds like to hang out amoung the branches.
The view from our bedroom window.

Shalom In The West

Well the Reel Tribe has been in Montana four months now.
Lots going on.
Good news, Mark has found a part-time job. He is now working the grave-yard shift at Town Pump, akin to a 7-11 in the South. He likes it and likes the people he works with. Not his dream job, but it will help us we start to rebuild our lives.
Things are also moving with his VA claim. While we were in Virginia, it still wasn't even being looked at. Here, however, things are moving right along and we hope to get an answer soon.
And Monti? Well, the little guy is in heaven. All the trees he could ever want or dream up. A huge backyard to run wild and free. And of course, great places to go for nice long walks.
As for, I am slowly recovering from all that happen. I am blessed to be in a safe, no fear of being evicted or kicked out. I am receiving intense therapy and have been blessed with the greatest doctors, nurses and counselor's around. And of course, Mark has been the greatest blessing and huge part of the healing progress.
A huge part of this is due to the fact that Mark is studying all he can about Bipolar II, Border-line Personality Disorder and PTSD. Knowing that your spouse wants to be part of your healing teams is amazing. Not every person is so blessed.
Oh have had those who have suggested I get the "devil casted out of me," "it's all in my head" (Really???) and my personal favourite, "if you stop calling yourself sick and call yourself heal, you will break this curse!"
Sadly those of us who suffer from mental disorders have to learn to deal with such negative folk. They don't see their "wise counsel" actually makes things worse. That if they even bother to study, read and then pray with wisdom, insight and compassion, that goes so much farther than blaming the devil and your weak mind.
In order to heal and to remain mentality healthy, I have had to make the choice of removing negative folk from my circles. In some cases, I just have to limit my time with them, for they are family. But I do draw very fine boundaries.
It is part of the progress.
Another huge part that G-d is using to heal my mind, body and soul is Montana itself. What an amazing state. No wonder it is called Big Sky Country.
We are blessed to, for the time being, to live in a small town in the mountains. I swear our little town is just outside the Door of Heaven. For Montana is just a slice, just a taste of heaven right here on earth; big and wide, spacious and it goes on forever and ever.
G-d called us to Montana. For a fresh, new start. To heal Mark of the wounds we have suffered over the past several years. For me to recover from my breakdown and pursuit my dream of being an Artist. For our little Monti to run free and just enjoy being a dog.
Slowly, surely, we are finding Shalom once again.
In Montana.