Thursday, 2 July 2009

Peter Pan: The True Story

Lailia Tov (Good Evening)
I never liked Peter Pan.
In fact, I hated the book. Couldn't stand the Play, movie or even the Peanutbutter.
Peter Pan was more than a boy who didn't want to grow up. He was a man who refused to grow up.
Remaining a child means one doesn't have to make decsions for ones life. The downside; you might not like the decsions they make. All you wish to do is play and have fun, surround yourself with children, for they know how to have a good time. Having a few Wendy's and Tinkle Bells about don't hurt either.
But Wendy herself begins to realize she wants a man and family of her own and not raise someone's child. She does grow up and marry. Peter drops by to play with the children.
Wendy does indeed grows older, has grandchildren and G-d willing, even see her great- grandchildren.
Peter is still hanging tough in NeverLand. Where no one tells him want to do, where to go.
Peter Pan is forever tearing his shadow and looking for a Mama figure to set things right.
That's just our modern day Peter Pan, Michael Jackson.
In the real world. Peter Pan died a week ago,
He managed to knock all other news off the air. That is how important the Man-Child is. It doesn't matter that there are marines and soldiers in two battle zones, dying. His last dance video must air. It doesn't matter a woman just found out her husband is coming home in a coffin and their hometown will not be footing the funreal bill. That a son or daughter will be mourn by the nation, let alone the world.
The Man-Child who didn't know it wasn't ok to share your bed with little boys. To try and buy the bones of the Elephant Man. To have the money to buy your own personal Playground, but not seek couseling to deal with the anger and lonliness eating at your soul.
To die at the feet of your child.
And yet to have others still swept away with his charm, explaining his behavious away: "he was sad," "abused' and "oh I hope he is in heaven!" and of course, he was good to the children. I am going to be sick.
No wonder I hate that story.

A Death in The Family


He has been a good a faithful friend.

Loyal to a fault. Never complaining.

But as with all things, he has in the past few months showed signs of slowing down.

I didn't wish to face it at first, going more love and attention and maybe he would perk up.

Sadly, no.

Now, tomorrow, I have to pull the plug


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Ahhhh It is So Good to Be Home :)

It is so good to be back home.
And thanks Beth, Betty and Marty for the warm welcome :)
Lots has been happening in our world as of yet. Some good. Some not so good.
One of the good things for me is how much I value my little corner of the world here in BlogLand and my friends.
Yes, I have had a few become angry over something I and/Mark have written and decided not to follow us anylonger. But for the most part, we have agreed to disagree and high-five on those things we do.
Unlike facebook, you say the wrong thing and-poof! Your de-friended.
For the most part it doesn't bother me for it shows the level of immaturely on that person's part.
But family?
Not cool.
Here in Blogland, we can share, debate, even fuss, without ever resorting to such childish behaviour. We work it out and move on.
Children are great; but for meaningful converastion without hearing; "your mean!" and stomping off in a huff, there is nothing like adult buddies.
Until next we meet....

Me and My Shadow Have Parted

My have I missed being here.

Well so far the matter is straighten out. My friendly hacker is gone.
The account deleted, the screen name suspened and the police contacted because of the Porn.
So, I am back.
Otherwise June has been a wonderful month.
June 23 was my birthday. Wonderful friends made it special as always.
June 26 Mark and I celebrated four years of wedded bliss. And while we apart, we are in each other's hearts.
So, now I am preparing for Mark's leave. Just a few days, but we will be together.
I look forward to catching you up to what has been happening.
And frankly, it is so good to be back; one has to be soooo very careful as to what one writes on facebook. Feelings are so easily hurt and you can find yourself quickly de-friended.
Until next we meet,