Friday, 30 November 2012

A Father's Love

I love seeing pictures of fathers and daughters.
For me it is bitter sweet, for I missed that precious love affair that only a father and daughter share. Daddy is a little girl's first love and often he is the standard she measures her future husband to.

 When I think about Muhammad Ali, I think of my step-father. Not just because my step-dad could pass for Mr. Ali's twin, but for the short time he was part of my life, he was really the only father I knew.
I still remember the last time we spoke on the phone. His asking forgiveness for the pain he caused me. Forgiveness I gave. I remember his growing interest in the Torah and wonder if he had indeed returned to his Hebrew roots.
I no longer remember the bad times with Dad, but the good. I remember his coming to school with me after being bullied and letting it be known this was going to stop. And for the rest of the year, it did.
Daddy isn't only a girl's first love, but her hero, her biggest cheerleader and the one she wants to be the proudest of her. I still remember Dad's hug and taking me out for a ice cream because I actually got a A on my math test. It made me work harder; not for the ice cream, but to keep seeing that smile.
My step-dad wasn't perfect. Hurting people hurt others. Sadly, my parents couldn't make their marriage work. But I know that my dad would approve of my choice of husband.
But most importantly, I am thankful for the brief time my step-dad was in my life, for the things he taught me. For the love he gave my sister and I, even though it was imperfect.
Maybe one day, I shall be able to tell him face to face.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Father's Advise

A few days ago, a friend shared with me a precious story that I would love to share.
The story is about  Muhammad Ali and two of his daughters.
One day, Hana and Laila Ali arrived at their father's home, wearing clothing that were not modest. Daughter Hana picks up the rest of the story:

"When we finally arrived, the chauffeur escorted my younger sister, Laila, and me up to my father's suite. As usual, he was hiding behind the door waiting to scare us. We exchanged many hugs and kisses as we could possibly give in one day.
My father took a good look at us. Then he sat me down on his lap and said something that I will never forget. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Hana, everything that G-d made valuable in the world is covered and hard to get to. Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground, covered and protected. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful shell. Where do you find gold? Way down in the mine, covered over with layers and layers of rock. You've got to work hard to get to them."
He looked at me with serious eyes. "Your body is sacred. You're far more precious than diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered too."

From the book: More Than A Hero: Muhammad Ali's Life Lessons Through His Daughter's Eyes.
How we need more fathers and mothers like Muhammad Ali, willing to take the time to teach their daughters that their bodies are precious and holy.


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Meeting

Right after the election, Mr.Obama said he wanted to meet with Mr. Romney at the White House, to discuss some of the ideas Mr. Romney shared during the election.
Today, the two men will be meeting for lunch.
I am impressed; Mr.Obama indeed offered the invitation and Mr. Romney indeed accepted.
Maybe I am a dreamer, but this gives me hope. That these two men can put aside their differences and come together, to work together for the betterment of the country they both love.
I am praying all goes well.

What G-d Will Not Do

"I am the LORD; that is my name! I will not give my glory to another or my praise to idols"
Isaiah 42:8
Our G-d is a Holy G-d. He is gracious and kind, faithful and pure Light, pure Love. There is no shadow of turning in Him.
Our G-d is a Consuming Fire and not to be played with. The two eldest sons of Aaron learned that truth when they played with the Holy Fire from the Altar while drunk:
 "Each took his censer and put fire in it, put incense on it, and offered it before the Lord". Then "fire went out from the lord and devoured them, and they died before the Lord" (Lev 10:1-2).
He is our Heavenly Father; but we must remember first and foremost that He is Holy.
G-d is willing to hear our prayers, heal our wounds, forgive our sins. He is willing to pour out His love to all who are willing to receive it.
But He will not share His Glory with another.
He will not share His Glory with idols of wood and stone. He will not share His Glory with American Idols or Movie Stars. Or Kings, Queens, Princes, Princess or Presidents.
There is only one L-rd and Saviour and He doesn't live in a New York Pen House, Buckingham Palace or the White House.
Calling a human being a g-d is a dangerous thing. And receiving that worship isn't a good idea either.
Again, another story from the Bible:
Acts 12: 21-23: And upon a set day Herod, arrayed in royal apparel, sat upon his throne, and made an oration unto them.
And the people gave a shout, saying, It is the voice of a god, and not of a man.
 And immediately the angel of the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory: and he was eaten of worms, and gave up the ghost."
 I have no problem giving any man or woman his or her do. But giving them the title and do that is G-d's alone is more than wrong. It is a sin.
And G-d doesn't wink at sin.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Count Down to Hanukkah

Yes, that's Monti at the wheel. No, he isn't braving the holiday shoppers, but on our way to Starbucks.
Whenever we get into the car, Monti heads for the driver's side and reaches for the steering wheel. One of these days, I expect to see him actually driving our car.
Well, it's Monday and a new week.
Time to start preparing for Hanukkah, which begins this Saturday evening.
Since Mar gets paid this week, we will be able to buy the makings of all the Hanukkah goodies; the soft scent of olive oil burning in the oil lamps. Latkes and fried chicken; home-made apple sauce and jelly doughnuts. Eight nights of bright lights and family fun.
We will once again tell the Hanukkah story; a story of religious freedom and the salvation of a people, the Hebrew People.
As I told Chris (our roommate); "if it wasn't for Hanukkah, there would have been no christmas."
This will be Chris's first Hanukkah and he is looking forward to it.
And so are we.


Friday, 23 November 2012

Thankgiving and Shabbat

When I saw this picture, it made me smile, because Shabbat is a weekly Thanksgiving meal.
We give thanks that we reach the end of the work week; we are thankful for home and family and the blessings we enjoy. We give thanks for the Torah and for the Creator Who has given us all we enjoy.. Yes, I know that Thanksgiving is a National Holiday where the nation stops to give thanks.
But each Friday evening, Jews around the world do the same thing.
Thanksgiving and Shabbat share the same message; in this busy, crazy world, we need to take a break from it all. And for twenty-four hours, just slow down.
Breath. Enjoy good food and friends. Enjoy family and Torah. Shut out the world and just be.
Both days remind us to remember all our blessings come from.
I remember 13 years ago, I remember spending Thanksgiving at Sentara Norfolk Hospital. My mother had three strokes in three week time and I had to feed mother her turkey dinner. I remember the doctor telling me not to expect her to survive.
 13 years later, yesterday, mummie sat our dinner table, holding Monti as she fed him turkey.
 I remember eight years ago this month, we received the news Mark had cancer and we entered into the fight of our lives.
Eight years later, yesterday, my beloved who is cancer free, helped me clean up the kitchen from the meal we prepared for my mother.
Tonight, our shabbat meal will be simple, but for the next twenty-four hours we will shut out the world and enjoy each other, our little dog, Torah and the Presence of our Creator
Shabbat Shalom.

The Blessing of Family

Yesterday, we had the joy of welcoming my mother to our home for the very first time. Here is little guy, enjoying being held by his grandmother. Mummie and Monti watched Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory while Mark and I finished supper.
Mummie even got to meet Peanut. Yes, it was love at first sight.
Our supper was a simple fair; collard greens, home-made cranberry sauce (Mark made that) and of course, turkey and stuffing. However, the turkey roasted rather quicker than I thought, so I had to prepare the stuffing on the stove. But it came out even better; it didn't dry out. This year, I tried to add apple bits to the stuffing; that Williamsburg touch. Everyone loved it.
Mummie brought the sparkling cider and the hot sauce. Mummie likes a bit of hot sauce on her food.
Monti and Peanut weren't left out; Peanut was getting her share of turkey from me, while Mummie and Mark shared the duty of feeding Monti.
Afterwards, as tradition, we played a game of Scramble..
Monti giving me some much needed help.
It was a very good afternoon. We talked and laughed, remembered times when Eileen and I were children and laughed over many of our misdeeds. Giving thanks for the many blessings we have; including our new home, Mark's new job and for our family who survived the blow of Hurricane Sandy when she hit New York.
The next time we knew, the sun was doing down and it was time for mummie return home.
Next time, we plan for her to stay with us a few days.

Date Night

Last Sunday was the second of our date night.
Of course we combined it with doing laundry, but it still works.
Naturally, Montaque had the best seat in the house.
So while the washing machines did their thing, we headed for the Starbucks just down the street for Peppermint Mochas.
I long for the day when the pumpkin spice is kosher as well.
It was a very nice evening, a little on the chilly side, but still made for a night evening out.
This was also a nice evening for taking pictures of Ghent. This is Fair Grounds, across the street from Starbucks. Texture is one of my favourite stores; the stores offers some of the most interesting gifts in Norfolk.
I have going to have to write an entry about Texture some time.
The Naro theatre. Builded 75 years ago, the Naro is an experience in itself. Entering the theatre is taking a step back in time, back to the 30s and 40s when going to take in supper and a movie was a night out. Rarely do Mark and I take in a movie that isn't played here. Another place to blog about soon.
My two guys, waiting for me to finish taking pictures, so we can get down to the real reason of our being out here; coffee.
As we sat and enjoyed our coffees, I noticed for the first time, the worry lines around Mark's eyes were gone. His laugh came easy, he smiled more. The tension was gone.
He took my hand and asked me what I was thinking.
"How much I love you,"
"Funny," Mark said, "I was thinking the same thing."

Monday, 19 November 2012

Listen to the Children

"And the little children shall lead them.....

Thank You, G-d, I am Alive

Before sunrise, around the world, Hebrews utter the before blessing. It is the first prayer a Hebrews child learns, thanking his or her Creator for a new day. For a male, it is 'modeh.' For a female 'modah.'
The blessing reminds me of Lamentations 3, there we are reminded of G-d faithfulness to all generations.
 I have to confess, since I can remember, I have had a life long love affair with my bed. I love my sleep. I love the comfort of my bed and have not often been one to quickly rise in the morning. As a teen, my mother spend spend a small fortune on alarm clocks; when ever that hateful little bedside clock would dare cling the hour of my rising, it would find its poor little metal being being thrown across my bedroom, smashed into tiny pieces. Mother, then started putting the clock across the bedroom on my dress. The new clock would sound.
I got up, open the window and Time that day really did fly as I tossed the thing out the window.
Soon, my mother hit upon an idea; a radio clock. Since I love music, she figured a radio clock would fair better.
And she was right.
But becoming a morning person was a slow progress. I figured since G-d never sleeps nor slumber, no need for me to rush to get up.
But some twenty five years ago, I discovered a gem in my Bible reading; that the great men and women of scripture, rose early in the morning to seek the Face of G-d.
Being a single mother and often having the the first shift, I needed more than to just getting up, hitting the shower and praying I didn't burn the pancakes before I send my son to school. I needed that quiet time with my Father. I needed to speak to Him; to get His help for the the day ahead. I have a child and older patients. I needed His grace and wisdom.
It would be another ten year before I remember the above blessing.
It was an autumn morning, I was laying in my bed, as the words slowly drifted to the forefront of my mind....."I thank you, O Living King..."
These are the first words we utter every morning—while still lying in bed. It is the first conscious moments are spent thanking G‑d for the gift of life. That we even awoke this morning. I remember a dear lady I met about twenty years ago. Such a sweet woman that after she and her husband divorced, she continued to care for her former mother-in-law. Goldie was my age when she passed away. In her sleep of a Stroke. How many people around the world breathed their last before the sunrise today.
How we take the Gift of Life, our very breath for granted.
It is a new day. A new beginning. It doesn’t matter what I did yesterday or last night; it is a new day, nothing touches this fresh start.
I remember a rabbi I studied under once liked the Mohah Ani as "laying upon our beds and when we awake, there is Queen Elizabeth, waiting for us to arise, for she has a royal task they have for us.
Well, in our case, it isn't the Queen, but the One who creates kings, presidents, who created the entire world-and each of us."
So now, I am not so quick to complain about having to get up in the morning.
I'm too thankful the Giver of Life allowed me to see and enjoy this day of promise.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Life of Thanksgiving

This week, our nation will stop to give thanks for her blessings as a nation, as a people.
Thanksgiving Day meets many things to many people. For many it is a day off; a meal of turkey and all the trimmings, football and maybe some shopping.
Others it is day of attending a Thanksgiving Service, having family and friends over to celebrate and give thanks for all their blessings.
And others, it is a day to remember when our people group came, robbed them of their life, took advantage of their kindness and killed off whole tribes of people. It is a day of mourning.
And then there are those that it is just another day.
For me, as a Hebrew woman, I found that each of the Feast of the L-rd are all Feast of thanks giving, for remembering all G-d has done for us, to teach our children and say thank you.
So Thanksgiving's isn't just one day out of the year.
This year, with everything we have gone through,  I have found that each day is a day of Thanks. One of our sages, the Baal Shem Tov (Master of the Good Name) had a habit of daily writing one hundred things he is thankful for.
And it isn't easy as it may sound. As I adopted this practice, I found myself thankful for the littlest things.
Like having a laptop so I fulfil my dream of writing. I am thankful for each of my online friends; who knew people one meets over the Internet could mean so much? I am thankful the laundry-mat where we wash our clothes. Thankful for the rugs on the floor that keeps the house warm.
I am thankful to have a home to live in, to still have our car, that Mark as a job and Monti is still happy and healthy. I am thankful my mother will come later to visit us in our new home.
A Day of giving thanks is great. But one thing this year has taught me is to be thankful daily. To live a life of thanks giving.
That's why I chose to post the picture above.
This lovely new bride, stops to pray, to give thanks, to Thank G-d that He has allowed her to reach this season in her life, to grow to be a woman and enter the Huppah and marriage. I thought about how I too stopped the day of my wedding to pray, to give thanks for the joy of this day, of entering marriage and the wonderful gift of Mark.
A life of Thanksgiving.
Not a bad idea.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Rest: The Meaning of Shabbat

Shabbath; Rest. To do nothing but enjoy G-d, Torah, good food, family and friends.
A new week has begun. Tomorrow laundry has to be done, more boxes unpacked. Taking Monti to the Doggie Park to visit his friends. Mark prepares for another week of work and I start on a new writing project. Preparing for my mother's visit later in the week.
But today was Shabbath. The Day of rest.
No, this isn't a Jewish thing, but G-d's gift to Mankind. We call it an island of time; where for twenty-four hours, we step out of this world and join G-d's.
Today I had to make my beloved rest. He has been on the go so much, he just couldn't slow down! And that isn't good for anyone.
I made my husband stay sleep in. When we finally got up, we enjoyed coffee and doughnuts in bed, talking, laughing and playing with Monti. And Monti was so happy to have Mark home! Little M followed big M around the house, making sure daddy didn't get out of his sight.
Watching my beloved asleep in my arms, his body void of stress or tension.
This is the true meaning off Shabbath, Not doing.
Just being.
Resting in the arms of loved one. Resting in the arms of G-d.

Friday, 16 November 2012

One Month

It has been one month since our lives changed.
It still feels like yesterday that we moved in and Mark started his new job.
And yet, at the same time, it feels as if we have lived in this house for years.
The feeling of the house is truly family; me, Mark and our roommate Chris, along with the furry babies, Monti and Peanut.
More about Peanut later.
It is clear that G-d has knitted our hearts together. Chris, who is going through a new beginning as well, is more like a younger brother than a roomie.
Peanut and Monti are still working through their relationship.
And me? It is so nice being the lady of the house, having a nice big kitchen to cook in and once Mark cleans the stove, bake in.
This is Mark with Jose and Monti. Jose and Monti were the best of friends. But Jose didn't like men and began growling at Mark and snapping at his owner, Chris. So, sadly, Jose had to be re homed.
A few days later, came Peanut:
Peanut is a 16 or 17 year old Beagle who's owner was moving out of state and couldn't take Big Girl with her. And she is truly a big girl, but like Monti, very loving. However, both Peanut and Monti are use to being The Dog of the house, so they are not exactly great friends.
At least Monti doesn't try to push Peanut off my lap.
We are still unpacking and packing, trying to find places to put stuff. There are days I am ready to just throw everything into the trash.
And then I remember the goodness of G-d and change my mind.
One month ago, Mark did not have a job and we were facing eviction.
One month later, we are now living in a house we are renting for less than we rented our former apartment with everything included. Mark has a job he loves and this evening he will come home with his second paycheck and will be able to pay our rent.
How good He is. How faithful.
Just today I was encouting the deeds and miracles He has performed, the love He continues to pour into our lives.
How easy it is take such blessings for granted.
That is why I believe keeping a journal is so important. To remind ourselves what He has done. This is the purpose of the various Feast of the L-rd; to remember, to recall, to celebrate.
For all my readers who are still looking for work, for are in of a movement of G-d in your life. He did it for us and He will do it for you. He has brought us through the fire and the storm, and we have come through intact, not even smelling of smoke.
Hold onto His unchanging Hand.
I haven't.

David Broza Trio - Yhiye Tov יהיה טוב - Live in Berlin (8/8)

From Rabbi Wolpe:
Last night at the Israel unity concert, David Broza sang "Yihye Tov" -- it will be good. As 1,500 people joined in, we cherished the promise. Through today's fighting, sadness and uncertainties, hold on. The dawn will brighten and our faith is undimmed. יהיה טוב It will be good. Shabbat Shalom.

#links How to Pray

This is an awesome blog about the goings on in Israel. The authour, who lives in the Land gives wonderful insights of not only life in Israel, but how to pray.
Be blessed
"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, let those who love You be at rest. Peace be within your walls, rest in your citadels. For the sake of my brothers and companions, I say, "Peace be within you." For the sake of the House of Yahweh our Elohim I seek your good. Tehillim/Psalm 122:6-9

Pray for the people of Jerusalem, Pray for the young and the aged, the rich and the poor. Pray for those who love the G-d of Israel and those who know Him not.
Pray for the people of Jerusalem; for she is the Apply of Elohim's eye. To touch her is to touch the eyeball of Elohim.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for her enemies will not stop with her destruction; for her enemies hate you as well.

O Elohim, rise up and save Your People, Your children.
Our trust is in You, Holy One

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Please Pray

They said in their hearts, “Let us destroy them altogether.” They have burned up all the meeting places of God in the land. (Psalm 74:8)

I had another post planned, but in light of the following....please, I beg you to pray.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Happy Veteran's Day

Yesterday was Veteran's Day. Because we were still busy moving into our new home, I haven't been on for a few days.
The above picture is entitled, Coming Home, from Thomas Kincaid. Mark gave me this picture just before he left on his third deployment. We haven't had a chance to hang the picture in our new home yet.
The story behind this picture is of a soldier returning home. It could be World War I or World War II. The Koran war, Nam or the war in Iraq.
This soldier could be coming home from his first or last deployment. He could coming home to retire after a long career.
Or, because of the Light, he could have paid the highest price and on his Home to Heaven.
In the Reel home, Veteran's Day is a major holiday, because both Mark and I have family member who have served and even today, don a military uniform, protecting the freedoms we still enjoy.
Last night, taking a break from the unpacking, Mark and I went out to supper at Golden Coral.
Golden Coral was offering a free meal for all who service men and women, both active duty and Veterans.

Knowing that the free meal was for the service person only, someone gave Mark some money to "treat his lovely bride,"
So, second time in a week, we had a date night, getting some needed down time.
We had to wait in line for about twenty to get in. But the weather was nice and being surrounded by so many of this nation's finest was amazing.
No pushing or shoving, no cutting in line or people getting upset over the long line. Just families thankful for a night out, seeing their loved ones being honoured for their service.
As we left, one retired gentlemen shook my hand and thanked me for my service.
I smiled and pointed to Mark, "Thank him, he's the soldier,'
Without missing a beat, the older man asked; "is this many your husband?"
"Yes sir."
"Then thank YOU for your service. He can't do his job without you."
Mark wrapped his arm around me and said; "Thank you sir, I have been trying to tell her that for years."

I Watch My Soldier Sleep

I watch you sleep.
thankful I have you by side another night.
But I also know a letter, that letter,
could come tomorrow, taking you from my side.
The danger is real; your nation calls.
And as much as you love me, you will answer the call,
leaving my side, our bed.
 I will let you go. Trust me, I don't want to!
But I will, for we have a job to do. For as you fight for freedom,
I will pray. I will bake the cookies for your Care Package, I will write the letters,
I will stay up after midnight, waiting for your five minute call.
Praying for you and for all who serve, praying for you to return to my side.
To our bed.
In the corner of the room I see your boots. Boots that have taken you to Iraq and Afghanistan.
Boot that have brought you back to me.
I think of your fatigues draped over a chair. You are so handsome in them; my heart swells with pride when I see you all "soldier out."
But tonight, I am just thankful that all I have to do is wash them, not watch as you dress, and  your boots carry you away from my side.
Your leaving. It is the price I pay for loving a soldier, A price I am happy to pay.
For when I am held in your arms, all my fears and worries melt away, all is left is love
Right now, I look upon your sleeping face.
 My soldier, my hero, my love.
I watch you sleep, thanking G-d for giving us another day together.
Another night of love.
I touch your hair and pray, that the letter,
that letter, never comes.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Date Night

Last night, after supper, Mark and I went out to Starbucks, our first date night in a very long time.

After paying a few bills and getting some gas, we decided it was time just for an hour or so of down time. Just the two of us.
Since we knew most folks would be home, watching the election results, save for one person, it was rather nice to have the cafe to ourselves.
Sipping hot mochas, it felt like the early days of our courtship;  we could only afford Starbucks dates, holding hands, looking into each others eyes, planning for our future.
We talked over the day, laughed over private jokes and just enjoy being together.
Of course, we ran into a friend we hadn't seen a while and since it was raining, we offered him a ride home before heading back to our place.
Tired, we headed off to bed.
Like John F Kennedy of old, we didn't see the need to stay up for the results.
We just wanted to continue our Date Night.

Mazol Tov, Mr.Obama

Last night, around ten, when I headed off for bed, I knew in my heart, Mr.Obama would win the election.
Mr.Romney fought a good fight, but in the end, the amercian people chose the sitting President.
Mazol Tov. Mr.Obama.
Just as I have prayed for you the past four years, I shall continue to pray for you and your family the next four years.
Now, it is the time my fellow amercians, no matter your gender, skin colour or religion to roll up our sleeves and begin the work to rebuild this nation, to begin the healing progress.
And I am hopeful, because Mr.Obama thanked the Romney family, going back to George Romney for their public service to this nation. A rich family that, instead of jetting all around the world and enjoying their wealth, decided to enter into public service.
So, now it is a new day, a new beginning.
And it is time for my coffee.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Shalom and Welcome Part 1


This is our new home, the living room. And of course, Monti enjoying his afternoon nap.
We placed the Ark in the living room, because there really no other place to put it and I really didn't like the idea if being in store-age.

 The fireplace. We are looking forward to getting it clean and using it this year. Since the fireplace is in the living room, really the centerpiece, I am looking forward to greeting friends and family with a warm welcome.
And this is Chris, who opened his home to us and little buddy Jose. More about Jose later. While we are room-mates, the house feels more like a family. Mark, Monti and me with brother Chris.
I sit back in amazement in what G-d has done.
A new home. A new friend.
A new beginning.


 The duty is ours. The results are G-d's..." John Quincy Adams

Our Right. Our Duty

 The duty is ours. The results are G-d's..." John Quincy Adams

The above quote is one of my mother's favourite. It took a long time to realise she was right.
You see, I was not one for politics. I didn't care. I figured that the folks in power would do whatever they wanted and my voice didn't matter.
Somewhere along the line, I had forgotten what I leaned in 10th grade Social Studies...

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic ttranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote the general wwelfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our pposterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

We the People. I have forgotten that those in Public Office work for us. They answer to us. If we are not pleased with the job they are doing, we have the right to vote them out.
The government is OURS. The president, whoever he is, works for us. They work for me.
Today as Mark and I stood in line with a woman who was clearly upset to see the bottom on my handbag,
Before things got heated, I reminded her that each of have our own reasons for voting the way we do. But the main thing is, we vote. We all stand here, in the cold, because we all love this country and we want the best for her. And whoever wins, we as amercians must gather around and support OUR PRESIDENT. whether it is a President Obama or President Romney.
As a woman of colour, I am fully aware of my history; of men and women who marched, who fought and even died so that I could enjoys the rights we all have as amercians.
Sadly, there are those who do not believe I have the right to vote for whomever I wish.
I have lost two friends because I am a Republican.  After all, I am an oppressed, angry black woman who needs a African-White President to fight for me. Why would I vote for a rich white guy who's faith claims me and my are cursed? Hmmm, like Mormons are the only who has taught this in the past?  I was raised Baptist and was told Slavery was punishment for Ham's sin.
Then there is the following...
"Sell out!"
And then there is my favourite "angry, old white man!"
Hmmm, someone needs to get their glasses checked. Why? Because I didn't vote for a man who's skin colour as mine?
I did not vote with my female body parts or the colour of my skin. I didn't vote to right the wrongs done by Jim Crow or overthrow Roe V Wade. I didn't vote for a Pastor, Rabbi, or Elder in Chief. I voted for what I thought is the best for this nation.
This was my right. This was my duty.
The rest is in G-d's Hands.