Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Me and My Shadow Have Parted

My have I missed being here.

Well so far the matter is straighten out. My friendly hacker is gone.
The account deleted, the screen name suspened and the police contacted because of the Porn.
So, I am back.
Otherwise June has been a wonderful month.
June 23 was my birthday. Wonderful friends made it special as always.
June 26 Mark and I celebrated four years of wedded bliss. And while we apart, we are in each other's hearts.
So, now I am preparing for Mark's leave. Just a few days, but we will be together.
I look forward to catching you up to what has been happening.
And frankly, it is so good to be back; one has to be soooo very careful as to what one writes on facebook. Feelings are so easily hurt and you can find yourself quickly de-friended.
Until next we meet,
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