Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Ahhhh It is So Good to Be Home :)

It is so good to be back home.
And thanks Beth, Betty and Marty for the warm welcome :)
Lots has been happening in our world as of yet. Some good. Some not so good.
One of the good things for me is how much I value my little corner of the world here in BlogLand and my friends.
Yes, I have had a few become angry over something I and/Mark have written and decided not to follow us anylonger. But for the most part, we have agreed to disagree and high-five on those things we do.
Unlike facebook, you say the wrong thing and-poof! Your de-friended.
For the most part it doesn't bother me for it shows the level of immaturely on that person's part.
But family?
Not cool.
Here in Blogland, we can share, debate, even fuss, without ever resorting to such childish behaviour. We work it out and move on.
Children are great; but for meaningful converastion without hearing; "your mean!" and stomping off in a huff, there is nothing like adult buddies.
Until next we meet....
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