Saturday, 1 May 2010

One of Those Day

Lailia Tov:
Just before Shabbat began last evening, I took some of my Shabbat flowers upstairs to my nieghors. They loved them and thanked me for sharing a bit of Spring with them.
But instead of feeling better when I came downstairs, I felt worst. Seeing this young couple, so in love, so happy, reminded me so much of Mark that the joy of Shabbat left me.
So today, I was a little low.
But then Mark called and I felt better.
I am sleeping better, adjusting to my big Grey friend in the Dinning Room. And soon I shall be off to sleep.
Just needed to put my thoughts down.
I love talking to Mark. When he says I love you, Laini, for one brief moment, it feels as if he is right here with me.
I hold onto the thought that with each passing day, we are one day closer to his coming home. One day closer to being held in my Mark's arm. One day closer to seeing I love you, Laini, in Mark's eyes.
"I have found the one my soul loves. I have found him and will not let him go."
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