Thursday, 1 December 2011

On the Road Again: Champ Hill

Boker Tov:
Back to our trip to Rochester.
After we leave GettryBurg, PA (see post from 11-16-2001) we were once agin on the road.
The sun was high and the weather was great;  the air was crisp and had me longing for hot apple cider.

On our way, we stopped a warm and visiting little town known as Champ Hill. It was a great place to stop and stretch our legs.
As well as an wonderful place to take pictures:

A carpit of fallen leaves. I leaarned my beloved had never had the joy of kicking through a pile of leaves or even have a leave fight. So we had to have a little fun playing in the leaves.
This is All About Wedding Cakes. It's by appointment only, so we couldn't go in.

The homes are so lovely, the feel that one gets is the warmth that comes from the charm of a small town.

Our time in Champ Hill was far too short. We have to come back.
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