Thursday, 7 March 2013

David: My Brother, My Friend


It has been a busy week, one I hope to share about in a few days.
But right now I wish to share more about David.
My brother David Walton wasn't an easy man to know, understand and somethings, even to love.
I often thought of David as this rare gem, burial deep in the earth and one really had to work at digging it out. Like burial treasure, David was worth minding.
He had a great mind, a beautiful. A creative soul that found its full expression when he sang. And sang David did. David sang not just with his vocal cords, but with his whole being; body, soul and spirit. David didn't just sing, he sang praises to the L-rd. He didn't just sing; David worshipped.
David loved to pray. He was known to go to the church and see who needed prayer. Even when his voice was weak and he shouldn't have been on the phone, he would call and ask me what he could pray for me, Mark and Monti. Even until the night before he died, he took my hand and prayed for Mark and I.
He loved to read and he loved to give books. He would give me a book and a few weeks later, we would be in a heavy discussion about the book.
David loved a good laugh and he looked to eat.
But those last few years, we came to know each other best of all. He loved to watch Mark and I just hug. Delighted in playing with Monti. He told me one day how blessed he was to be included in our family. How he came to love us. He even began to call himself "the old man" and would send us "kids out on a date."
I remember one day, he told some money a friend gave him, handed it to Mark and said "take your lovely bride out for a date."
A few months before David passed, when he could still get about, Mark took him to the bank and then shopping. When Mark came home, he was loaded down with food.
David blessed us with fine cuts of beef, fresh fruit and veggies, even juice. Again, someone gave him so money and he wanted to bless us. To say thank you.
I cried, You see, David had just been taken off a feeding tube and could not share our table at the time. But for him to give such an amazing gift, well, that was David.
More next time.
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