Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A Crazy Life. A Beautiful Life.

I hope everyone's summer has been a good one so far.
As of today, Mark is still going through testing and exmaines @ the base, while catching up on needed studies. Mark is fine; the Army just wants to make sure he is.
One of the problems is his ears. After the sever ear infection he had when on leave, Mark is getting one of ear tubes replaced.
So he gets to come home each night and head back to Base in the morning.
But the weekends are ours.
Since Mark is still on orders, no traveling.
So we adjusting to our new life.
I was suppose to have an Colonscopy a few weeks ago. But the solution I was suppose to drink to clean out my system made me not only very sick, but serve cramping, vomiting and other stuff I rather not mention. The doctor canceled the Colonscopy because she was afraid she would do more harm. So we have a new date and the doctor is ordering a new solution for me to drink.
Go Lightly. But from what I hear there is nothing lightly about.
The same day I learned that a friend was in hosptial.
We hurried and found my friend David on a breathing machine, cling to life.
When I touched his shoulder, David jumped. We all knew David knew I was there.
The next day, when we came to visit, David was sitting up, his colour was slowly returning and he was talking.
David was coming back to us.
Knowing he would need more care once released, Mark and I offered the extra bedroom in our home.
He has been here a week.
David isn't a burden: just another adjustment.
It's a Crazy Life we live. But a Beautiful.
Now, if I can only get some sleep.
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