Wednesday, 28 July 2010

My Friend Dave

Twenty years ago, The Holy One brought a very special man into my life. His name was David. We sang in the same choir. One evening, he walked, said he heard I was looking for a job and made a few suggestions of places I could go and place my resume. After he leave, I asked: "Who was that?"
A few months later I needed a ride home and he offered me one. David quickly became the big brother I never had and soon we were even known as the twins, for we were always seem together. For my mother, David was a son.
A loyal and faithful friend and man of G-d, David was someone who could always be counted on
But for the first time, several months ago we lost contact.
Right after Mark's last deployment, I had been sick with the flu and then went to visit family out West. Getting busy with my own life, I knew David was off helping someone in need.
I learned about three weeks ago from another friend via private message, that David was in hosptial and things weren't looking good. Because a medical test I was suppose to have had to be set for another day, Mark and I went to the hosptial. His family had been found (no one had family contact number and the family who the hosptial tried to reach was out of the country) and on there way to Virginia.
Mark held me as I cried.
Dave was not just my brother. Dave was my oldest friend. We were, we are so close.
I just had to be there. Mark knew that and told me whenever I was ready to go, he would take me.
On the way there, I kept praying, "L-rd, not yet."
David was still in a coma when we arrived. But at least he was breathing on his own. I had to fight back my tears. It just couldn't end this way.
Yes, I knew G-d could well be calling Dave home.
But I admitt it, I was selfish. I wasn't ready to say "see you in paradise" yet.
 I placed my hand on his shoulder and he jumped. Dave knew I was there.  
The next day, David was awake, breathing on his own, sitting up and talking. G-d gave him more time.
He was still confused, but he knew who I and Mark were.
What brought Dave to the hosptial was a infection to his big toes. He lost part of his right big toe and the doctor is fighting to save the left one. The infestion spread and six days later, Dave Coded. And this is when I fought out about his being sick.
After talking it over, Mark and I offered David our shul (little synagogue) for him to recover. For he is still very ill and must not be alone.

So a week ago this evening, Mark and I brought David home.
We are honoured to have David: he blesses us with his presence.
I am thankful for friends who help with the gifts of a bed, a wheel chair and rides to and from the doctors. 
This evening someone even brought a meal for David.
"When you have done it to the least of these My brothers, You have done it unto Me."
David is a joy, not a burden. He has blessed and been there for others, it is time for others to be there for him.
For Mark and I, we know that it is Messiah that is sitting at our dinning room table, that it is Messiah's feet we are washing, it is Messiah Who is watching the Food Channel with us in the evening.
It is we are truly blessed.
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