Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I Could Use a Drink...or Five....

Well it has been almost two weeks that David has lived with us.
And we're still alive.
It is lots of work, but it does keep me busy.
The main thing is getting David into the system so that he can get the care he needs.
Red tape, paperwork and more red tape.
If you follow Mark and I on facebook, then you know I ahve no love for our present health care system. If we who have insurance complain about the services we recieve (Mark and I for the most part recieve excellant care) then what the uninsured recieve is really nothing more than "just be happy we're giving you an pain pill and a bedpan.."
You would also know my feelings: under Mr.Obama's plan, there will be ten times the paper work, ten times the red tape and far worse service.
And we are already seeing it.
We are jumping through hoop after hoop to get some sort of health care for a man who has paid into the system. Something many amercians can related to.
I remember the hoops we had to jump through with my mother. But nothing like this.
So as we gather the laundry list of documnets needed for Dave to be seen at the clinic, we continue to care for him in our home, his only job: get well.
Mark's treatment for his feet is coming along, though he hates the treatment socks he has to wear at night. His poor feet took a major beating in Afghanistan, so he is now under medical orders for his feet and his ears.
And as much I hate the fact that we are still "deployed" (under medical orders) at least, because Mark is a Sr. Officer so, he gets to come home in the evening.
I am thankful for that small blessing.

So the summer didn't quite pan out the way I had hoped or planned. But G-d knew what He was doing. One day, I shall look back and know the reasons.
The one that I know and that is right now the most important....
A friend in need.
I should still use that drink.....
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