Sunday, 12 September 2010

A New Year

Shalom everyone:
Yes, I know that it has bee awhile since I have written. Our lives have been so busy.
But finally, I have created the time and space`to sit down and write.
How I have missed my blog and my blogger friends.
First, Mark and I are fine. It wasn't the summer we planned for, but we shan't complain for it is what the Holy One chose.
We do hope to make it to Montana at some point. But it looks like at least another month. We also had planned to renew our vows, but again, there is this thing called life....
Mark has completed the Wounded Warrior Program. Mark came home with heel spurs, so sever that he had to go into treatment for them. Also he had to report in for his cancer examines, making sure he was still cancer free.
He had to report into Fort Eustis here in Virginia and because he is a senior officer, he was able to come home in the evening. However, since he was "still deployed." Mark wasn't really home (on leave) and therefore we could not plan any trips, such as to Montana.
This week is Mark begins leaves and we are so looking forward to it. It has been a long time coming.
Our friend David is still with us. As of this writing, David is turning a corner. The doctor removed the dressing off his foot and he now covers his big toe with a band-aid. His blood sugar excellent, we are still getting the blood pressure under control. This week, thanks to a lovely gift someone send, we will be able to buy David new shoes and a cane. It has been a long, slow recovery, but thanks be to G-d, he is making it.
We learned the night before Rosh HaShanna began that Mark's father was going in for a Heart Catheritization. While a heart cath is common place these days, there was some confusion as to why he was having this procedure and how serious the situation was. So at the last minute, we canceled the bight celebration we planned and kept things small and quiet.
The heart cath turn out to only the precursor to a back operation that Mark's dad need and the doctor wanted to make sure Mr. Reel's heart was healthy enough to handle the surgery. A wise precaution to be sure.
But we had a wonderful Rosh Service in our home. There is two Jewish Cable stations I found several months ago and on Shalom TV, one rabbi taped and aired the Rosh HaShanna services for those who cannot attend. While most Synagogues still hold to not recording their services ( it has to do with work and using electricity) this rabbi felt that  it is important to include those shut-in for various reasons to feel a part of the community.
Would that other rabbis would feel the same way.
It was David's first Rosh HaShanna and he enjoyed it.
Lots of questions.
So now we begin a new year. One of hope and joy, filled wonder and awe.
What does the future for our world, our nation, the Reel Tribe?
G-d only knows.
I can't wait to see what He is going to do.
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