Monday, 13 September 2010

Back Surgery and The Hat Lady

Shalom: is good to be back! I think if I could have gotten to the blog sooner, it would have relieved some of the stress we both have been going through.
To Liz; Mark's dad hasn't had the surgery yet. And we don't know what kind. Mark's folks haven't told us much about it and if and when they are ready to tell us, we are here.
It has been an interesting summer to say the least.
As most know, Mark was up for Major when he came back home and his name did make the list the last week of June.
What we didn't know until one day Mark was looking at his paystud a few weeks later is that his pay had begun to reflect his new rank. So he went back over the paperwork. I had been teasing Mark before he came home, don't be surprise if your Maj R when you come home from Afghanistan. Well, that is actually what happen. Mark was actully MAJ R the third of June, one day before he returned to the States.
So, last month, at Fort Eustis, Cpt Mark picked up  and was pinned the rank of Major. His CO said Mark waited patiently for his rank, a good mark of a fine leader.
Very true.
And I was honoured to pin his gold leaf upon his berat.
It was truly a proud moment. As well 105 outside.
When he recieved his award, Mark handed it to me, saying: "I share this day and this award with my beloved wife, Elayne. It is her love and strenght, her belief in me that made this day posiabble. I am the man, the soldier I am today because of her and I could not do my job without her love and support."
Try as I might not to cry in front of his unit, I did.

I als

I also decided to buy a hat for the occaion. Not being a hat person (other than Mark's caps) it was indeed a adventure. But I did find this beautiful white hat and a black lace dress to go with it. I wanted to look nice for Mark's big day.

And like the good husband Mark is, he decided to model it for me. Would you believe I lost a Facebook friend over this picture???? Someone who thought that Marks wearing his wife's hat was ung-dly, that because he was wearing a woman hat, it meant he was less than a man. I would look to see someone stand up to my 6'4 husband, who has pulled four deployments and tell him he is NOT manly.
I guess it is rather easy to sit back and judge others according to your values and standards, insteads of accepting people for who they are. Even if it is a bit of humour. Besides, I should be the one that's upset: he looks better in my hat than I do!
The following week, Mark came home and told me that one of the women he works with said, "Tell your wife she wore that hat!"
(That means she looked good)

And she wanted to see my hat collection.
Mark informed her that this was my first hat and I really didn't have one.
His co-worker told Mark I needed to start; I look good in hats.
I now have two.
I am thinking of buying one for a upcoming wedding.....
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