Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Just Keep On Keeping On


Well, we're still here, though there were times I'd had my doubts.
Since I last wrote, our car Princess died and the new car is doing great. And she came at the right time.
In late September Mark got a job overseeing the clean up from Hurricane Irene.
What we thought was going to be a great job, turned into a nightmare. Problems with pay, not getting paid for mileage until the job was over, early mights, late nights, missing torah services and pay checks that should have gotten us ahead, only managed to help dig us deeper in the hole.
It is times like these that you find out the stuff your marriage and your faith is builded on.
I would be lying if I didn't say the "intense fellowship" was INTENSE."
Or if I haven't been doing a lot of praying, questioning, even doubting.
There was even a time I wondered if we were going to lose our apartment and car.
Yet, through it all, G-d made a way for us to keep food on the table and pay our bills.
Last week Mark's job ended and back on unemployment he goes. For those who say "oh, there are plenty of jobs for people who really want to work," where are they?
We just keep moving, praying, praising G-d through and loving each other.
Sorry, no great insights at the moment.
Just faith
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