Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Old, Sliver Lady

Boker Tov:
First, thanks to my Buddy Beth, who left a comment on the last blog.
Yes, it is madding that we as a nation don't do more to help our men and women returning home from long deployments. The fact that many of our returning vets are coming home to find homes forcloused on and no jobs.
Support Our Troops....don't get me started....
This is the reason so many miliarty marriages break up under such strain.
It is the prayers, support and good wishes of friends such as Beth that keep us going.

Yesterday afternoon we learned that a simple oil change and car checkup wasn't so simple.
Like 2,000 dollars not simple. And the warrentiy didn't cover the work.
We don't have that kind of money now. We don't even have jobs.
Suddenly I felt like Isacc on the briar, smelling smoke and waiting for father Abraham to strike with the knife. Isacc didn't know there was a ram waiting to take his place. I am counting on it.
Our beloved car, Princess is dying. In fact, it is a miracle Mark hadn't been in an accident. The gentleman working on the car called it a death trap and didn't even advise driving it home.
And we need a car.
So Mark traded our baby in for a newer model and even got a good deal. Money will be tigh, but it is right now.
It made for a long day and night of prayer.
But Mark came home, with our new car.
And we mourned Princess.

Later as we laid in bed talking, we rememeberd that we brought Princess six years ago this month. We had been in a car accident with Mark's old jeep and it was totaled. It was hard for Mark to let go of Baby; he and baby were together since Fort Drum and she was part of our courtship, even our honeymoon.
Princess was the beginning of our marriage, even before we found the apartment we are living in now. She saw us through two deployments, a trip to South Carolina and runaways to Williamsburge. She has helped people moved, delievered chicken soup, challah, and play dough.
I am going to miss the old, silver lady.
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