Thursday, 2 August 2012

Reel Update

We are at Mark's parents home for I can get some work done.
This Sunday, I hope to do a Yard Sale and we are praying for good weather and for buyers. Our aim is to raise the rent money that is due Monday.
It is a tall order, but try we must.
Mark is in his 6th week of school and he loves it. We are hopeful that when he finishes next month, he will be able to find a job as a Carpenter. It is so good to see him so happy again.
Monti is as busy as ever. I have several Monti stories to share when I get a chance. We continue to be amazed by this little guy.
Betty, sadly our local library was tore down about four years ago. However, I might try Starbucks.
While we did not do Chick-Fil-A Day yesterday, here in our area it was a hit.
Two of my gay friends went to support Freed Speech and even brought me back a lemon-aide.
Until the next time;
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