Sunday, 29 July 2012

Blog Entry for July, 25

Shalom everyone:
I know this seems strange, but I have written several the past few days and I am posting them when I get a chance....
25th July

Today when Mark came home from school, because he is no longer receiving unemployment, we now qualified for Food Stamps, starting today.
 So after a quick bite of something to eat, Mark headed off to get our Food Stamp card.
In many ways this is a G-d send; we had enough food in the house for about a week and that’s with me stretching it. So we were blessed, not only to get the card today, but even have the last week of July included. So until Mark gets a part-time job and my new site gets running, we will be receiving Food Stamps.
It is, however, a still a hard pill to swallow. But swallow it we must.
Why? Yes, our tax dollars go into the system and we are just pulling out some of what we put in.
I know.
The Food Stamp Program was setup for people like Mark and I who have fallen on hard times and need a little help to get back onto our feet.
I understand that as well. Before my marriage to Mark, I lived on Broke Street for several years and it was a day of celebration when I called my former Social Worker and asked to be removed from the Food Stamps roles; I wouldn’t need them.
I remember the silence on the end of the line and then she asked me to repeat the request. I did.
"No one has ever asked me to remove them from Welfare before.”
Well, there is always a first.
Yes, Food Stamps is a welcome crutch we need at the moment because we are, ah…broke.
A crutch I shall be happy when we are rid of. For it is a matter of pride to be able to support yourself and your family without the assistance of government hand-out. I worked hard for too many years to get off the Welfare, only to myself back on them.
G-d willing, due to a miracle and/or the work of our hands, we will be back on our feet again.
In the meantime, I look forward to shopping for fresh fruits and veggies, to visiting my favour kosher shop for some lamb and salmon.  And once again, making challah.
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