Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Shalom, Ya :)

First Happy 5773 (Jewish New Year)
May you know a happy and sweet New Year.
Thanks to the Food Stamps we are still receiving, Mark and I were able to enjoy a wonderful load of rounded Challah, apples dipped in honey and of course cheese cake with my mother.
While he couldn't have honey, Monti did enjoy a few slices of apple.
A neighbour is allowing us use of his Internet, so I am able to catch up somewhat on what is going on in our lives.
So, what has been happening recently:
Mark has one more week to go in school, this week he takes his test, next week he begin a week internship with a military housing next us. If they like his work, he will be hired. There are several other company's interested in Mark as well.
Monti is great. He has not only regain all the weigh he lost during his illness, he has put on a few extra pounds. But it is good for him. He is as happy and active as ever. And yes, I have many Monti stories to share.
Though Mark is still going to school, there is still little to no money coming in. Yard Sales have helped little, we have sold many of our things and still find ourselves now three months behind in the rent. We have gone to and through every agency we can think of and find. All will help with one month's rent, but we have to pay the other two months first. With so many Veterans like Mark out of work and in need, resources stretch just for far.
We go to court October 9th for an eviction hearing. We are praying for a miracle.
I still believe in miracles.
Last month, we lost my friend and big brother David; he is with his Creator now. While I had been praying the Father would take David to Himself, David suffered so much and his death was expected, it still hit me hard and I am still reeling from the blow.
With all that is going on, I am facing The Dark Soul of the Night.
Depression sucks.
More later.
It is good to be back
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