Sunday, 20 January 2013

Slow Recovery

Well, friends, I am still alive.
Though there are times I wonder.
Friday morning as the sun rose, so did the pain in my head. Having had a headache all week, I knew it as blood pressure, the stress in my life continues.
Fearing I was heading for another blood pressure crisis, when Mark came home, I had him check my blood pressure.
And it was as I feared, quite high.
I wasn't able to reach my doctor, she had left for the day, but Mark's doctor was free and willing to see me if we could get there quickly.
Once there, I was tested for and found to indeed have the flu. And was told my blood pressure medication would be increase to help get my pressure back to normal.
So I returned home with medication for the flu, orders to take in plenty of fluids which includes chicken soup and orange juice and to bed rest, for that I can fully recover from the flu and get rid of the stress.
Of course, that is easier said that done.
So I have been doing as the doctor said, Monti resting next to making sure I obey doctor's orders.
And though I am receiving excellent care, I still feel like a truck hit me.
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