Monday, 7 January 2013

The Invisible Thread.


The Invisible Thread  is the title the book on top of my got to get list. It is the amazing true story of Laura Schroff and a then eleven year old boy by the name of Maurice.
I only heard about this story on the Mike Huckabee Show over this past weekend, when Mr. Huckabee interviewed Laura and Maurice...
Like so many,  Laura Schroff brushed by a young panhandler on a New York City corner one rainy afternoon, but then she stopped and  turn back. Laura said she had never seen a child pan handle before. Instead of giving him change, she took the boy to lunch at the McDonald’s across the street that day.As the story goes, she continued to go back, again and again for the next four years until both their lives had changed dramatically. Once Laura asked what could she do for him. Maurice asked for a brown papered bag lunch, because that bag was filled with lunch; that someone cared about him enough to make him lunch.I sat there, crying, for well I remember watching my mother making lunch for my sister and I. How I would draw on my paper bag as I ate my sandwich. While my son was enrolled on the free lunch program, I remember field trips when he would ask me to pack his lunch. Even today, Mark will ask me to make lunch for him if he can't make it home. Nearly thirty years later, that young boy, Maurice, is now a man, married with a family of his own, working to change the lives of disadvantaged kids, just as Laura had done for him. Maurice was destined to a life of poverty; until a harried sales executive was touched by his request for change .How often do we hurry pass such a person on the street, refusing to make eye contact. "They could get a job if they really try...""I beg their use the money for drugs..."And in some cases, this might be true.But what if, what if the person we pass is a Maurice, all he or she needs is a meal and the feeling that someone cares..."When you have done this to the Least of my brothers, you have done it unto to Me."       

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