Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Difference One Year Makes

A year ago, a little papillion by the name of Monti came to stay while his family were for the holidays.
A year ago, we were still living in our own home, Mark still in a Reserve Unit, we were blessed to attend Strong Bonds and The Yellow Ribbon programs; offered by the Army to strengthen military marriages and help returning soldiers reenter the civilian world.

 All the while, still holding to the "job just around the corner,"
A year ago, we arrived back home to learn my big brother David Walton was back in hospital, and the dance between life and death had begun once again.
A year ago, I was dealing with major depression, wondering why G-d didn't care enough to heal me, to give my husband a job.
To make my sewing machine work again.
Oh, what a difference a year makes.
Today, Mark, after receiving training as a Carpenter, is now working for a local Military community, making sure the homes of our service men and women, along with their families remain in good condition. While it is half his pay, he loves the work he does.
On January 15th, Monti joined our family, bringing joy, laughter and at times sanity to our lives.
We held yard sales to try to pay off mounting bills, but it did not good.
We still ended up having to be evicted.
And my brother, my dear sweet David, stopped to go me a kiss on the cheek, on his way to heaven.
The month of October will go down as the month of miracles for us.
While we did receive a eviction notice, within ten days, we were moved into a new home, Mark was in a new job and Monti had a new friend in our landlord.
One week after we moved in, Hurricane Sandy blew through, flooding our shed and ruining some many of my things; rare cook books, the quilt I was making for my niece and my new sewing machine, a gift from a friend to replaced the one that died, destroyed by the water.
What a year it has been. Through it all, we have had friends who have stood with us, supporting us, praying for us, others who have walked away.
And through it all G-d has remained faithful, has been there through the tears and the heart-ache. Through the hard times and the good.
I still feel like Job these days, I still look around and shake my head.
But after I stop shaking my head, I lift it up.
"For I know my Redeemer lives."
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