Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Baby, it's Cold Outside

So I am sitting in Hastings Coffee Shop (no offend, but much better than Starbucks) enjoying a cold of coffee as I work on the blog.
Right now, we are without internet in the mountains, so I am sitting in a coffee shop in Helena, enjoying some cool jazz while Mark is at a few appointments.
I do enjoy getting out of the house, getting some sunshine, but, baby, it is COLD out here.
This week we are looking at sub-zero temps. Long john, wool hat and mittens weather.
It is so bad, we will be going to Petco to find boots for Monti.
Here in Montana, our Vet has informed us, even the big dogs wears coats and boots. Oh, I know, there are some die hearts out there with the "a dog is a dog...." but seeing my little 11 pound Papillion struggling in the snow, is a bit much.
So, yes, he is getting doggie boots.
I have to confess, the snow is beautiful. But it is also dangerous. In this cold, you can find yourself in danger within minutes.
This is why dressing in layers when traveling, making sure you have a full gas tank, dry food stuff, water, bags of sand, a shovel as well as a first aide kit along with a fully charged cell phone is so important around here.
Even keeping dog food for Monti, just in case.
As I sit here, sipping coffee, I think of family and friends back in the South and East, going through similar difficulties with snow storms kicking up. I think about the fact if we were still living in Virginia, we would be dealing with snowing right now.
At least it would be melting.
The snow does make for some lovely pictures, however...
Like, Laini Hates Snow Picture.
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