Monday, 10 March 2014

Fire Tower Coffee House

It has been a few days since I'd been here. And we are without internet, so I whenever we are about, I grab a few minutes.
The nice thing about going to coffee cafes is Mark and I are beginning to meet people in Helena and in Butte. While we are still planning to move to Missoula, it is nice to have friends in other cites.
Such as Fire Tower Coffee.

Right in the heart of the downtown Helena area, Fire Tower is an excellent coffee shop in downtown, with super friendly folks behind the counter. Wide variety of options. Mainly a coffee house, but good breakfast and lunch items. We have enjoyed the amazing grilled cheese sandwich, chicken soup with wild rice and my personal favorite, the tomato-basil soup.
And you have to understand; I can't stand tomato soup.
Mark and I found Fire Tower about two months ago and it has become our favor coffee house.
Pity we can't take Fire Tower with us to Missoula.
Locality own and run, it has a laid-back, down-to-earth warmth, reflects its owner, Nord Johnson, who is as warm and inviting as the coffee house itself.
So now, whenever Mark has an appointment at the VA hospital, I hang out at Fire Tower, enjoying a bowl of soul (one of Nord's special coffees) and either work on the blog or now even paint.
Fire Tower in many ways is a slice of Montana, the warmth and openness of the people Mark and I have been blessed to meet.
Montana still doesn't feel like home.
But Fire Tower has gone a long way in making us feel welcome and wanted.
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