Tuesday, 4 March 2014

March 1, Memories and Snow

Well it's March 1.
Not really; I write my post on a Word Document and cut and paste it to the blog when I get a chance to get on line.
I just looked outside my bedroom window and it is snowing.
But this is Montana and snow is part of the course here.
However, the state of Montana hasn't had this much snow in five years, so it is somewhat of a record.
We literally have to clear a patch for Monti to "do his business." It is so cold, he has to wear a Parka outside to visit his little Out House.
Harder is spending Mark out in this stuff to go to work. Not only does the temps drop, but the roads are slick.
I am thankful Mark has a job, but I will be even more thankful when he doesn't have to work nights, let alone travel in this weather.
Today was a quiet day, my thoughts on my dear friend and big brother David Walton. He would have been 57 years old today if he had lived. I give thanks for the memories I have and rejoice he is in heaven, his suffering over. The pain is less, but it still hurts.
Last week, we looked at an apartment. It was an "Green Apartment" everything recycled. It took a few minutes for it to grow on us, but we came to really like it. It is dog friendly and has several doggie walk paths as well as parks to take the little guy.
It's small, yet cozy and welcoming. Once it passes inspection and we sign the lease, I shall post pictures.
But until then, we still live in a small mountain town, waiting to hear if this place will be ours or not.
I am so thankful to those who opened their home to us, but there is nothing like having a home of your own.
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