Tuesday, 4 March 2014

March 2; Snow, Oh Joy

Every once in a while, in my declaration that I hate snow, I am reminded that I now live in Montana.
Snow Country.
This is the snow fall this morning, as I was on the phone with my sister in Boston.
Who reminded me she and her husband will be out to visit us around August.
When there is no snow.
I understand fully.
And it is hard on this Bipolar human, I can only imagine the thoughts going through my little guy's mind....
This picture was taken a few days ago. The snow would cover him now.
I am blessed with friends and family who ask how I am doing, referring to my mental state. The dark, snowy months of Montana are crude on those of us who suffer from any form of depression and there isn't enough vitamin D in the world to counteract the depression. For me, the added stress of waiting for Section Housing as well as not getting out much, only adds to my dark moods.
Dark moods I fight full-time to keep under control.
Mark is great. He gets me out of the house as he cans. He allows me to vent when I feel the walls close in.
And then there is the love of our little dog.
I have also started a daily reading from "GateWays To Torah," by Rabbi Russell Resnik. Mar and I had the honour of meeting Rabbi Resnik several years ago and when the book was release, he not only gave us a copy, but signed it.
I shall share from the book in the days to come.
Soon it will be time for me to go upstairs and make Mark's lunch and send him off to work.
In the snow.
Oh joy.
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