Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Life of Passion

Abandon all worldly pleasures in your desire for G-d and people will call you a fanatic. But don't think serving G-d is a fanaticism. If anything, it is those who devote their lives to the worldly pleasure that are the real fanatics

-Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

I love being a messinic hebrew.
From the prayers and blessings to the celebrating of the high holy days to the joy of the huppah, learning hebrew and G-d willing one day, seeing our children dance with the torah, there is something so right, so sweet, so delightful, so out of this world about being jewish.
Our roots are deeps, our prayers rise high and heard at the very throne of G-d.
Perfect? Of course not. But G-d, torah and family makes sense of the craziest of this world.
Loving G-d. Serving G-d is an adventure. It's highs and lows and whirls and twists makes life a joy and a wonder. It gives our lives meaning and purpsoe.
I'm not missing a thing.
Ok, the joy of a child. But G-d willing, one day we shall hear a child's laugh in this house.

I think of a little girl who's family is laying her to rest.
May justice come quickly.
May G-d comfort her father, mother and older brother.
I echo Mr. Obama's words last night. Let us all live lives that Christina would be proud of. Let us be the nation she believed us to be.
A little child is leading us. Shall we follow her?
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