Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Spa Day and Stomach Flu

Boker Tov;
Amoung my Hanukkah gifts from Mark was an afternoon at Elite Day Spa.

 Nettled in one of the side street mini malls, away from the busy sounds of Ghent, the outside is just as peaceful as the inside. One of our neighors work at the Spa and that's how Mark heard about it.
The was wonderful. A hydrating facial, manicure and pedicure, with choice of nail  and lunch. The massage will be friday afternoon, since they only do massages on fridays and saturdays. I was told we picked a good time to come, it was one of the few quiets days. Still from all I could see, this is a wonderful place to just let go of one's cares for a few hours. The cold weather had taken its toll on my skin, so having my face, hands and feet pampered was great.
I needed quiet. For my head was spinning.
I  wish I could have enjoyed the day more.
As we were on our way to the Spa, I began to feel sick. Stomach cramps, my face felt flush and breaking out in chills.
At first I thought it was something I ate for breakfast, but realize it was more than that.
It was too late to cancel, so I had to just gut through the day.
I arrived early and was given a cup of tea, which helped settle my tummy a little.
There were several trips to the ladies room and finally I had to admit i had the stomach flu.
But I was determine it wasn't going to spoil my day.
Both ladies were awesome and since it is so close by where we live, I will make this a monthly treat. Every girl needs alittle pampering.
Mark said my face looked great, but there was concern his as he studied me closely.
"Looks like I'm making chicken-turkey soup tonight."
A few nights, Mark watched as I made chicken soup, adding the rest of the leftover turkey from shabbat to make chicken-turkey soup.
We shared some with our neighors upstairs who had the flu.
So, within a few hours, I smell chicken-turkey soup coming out of my kitchen.
Yesterday was a day of soup, orange juice and sleep. Sometimes I would wake up and find Mark there, wiping down my forehead or just watching me sleep.
So this morning, I awoke, feeling almost human again.
Mark awoke saying his stomach hurt.
Good thing there is plenty of chicken-turkey soup in the house.
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