Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Colin Firth's Stately Role

This morning, I am sharing a chip, the story behind the story of the King's Speech. Having reading difficultings myself, the movie was both painful and an inspiration as I press on to learn hebrew. Seeing the shy, insecure grow into the strong and beloved King George reminds the viewer that we all have a voice and we are blessed to find those who help us find our voice.
The movie is also a celebration of marriage.
Elizabeth didn't belittle herhusband, even in private. But was his strong right arm. She went out and found help for her husband, became part of the treament and taught their daughters to honour and respect their father, even when he had a painfully hard time getting through telling them a bedtime story. King George not only knew but apprecated his wife, her strenght. Queen Elizabeth knew and drew out the strenght, the spirit, the voice she knew was deep inside her man.
Lessions Mark and I are now enforcing in our marriage.
The King's Speech deserves every reward it is up for and it is released on DVD, it shall be added to our librany.
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