Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A Single Rose

A few years ago, a man walked into a Amish school and after releasing the men and boys, he shot and killed five girls.
The Amish community set the lead and example as they mourned the deaths of five daughters. They never spoke out in anger or rage, wishing payback.
Instead, when the nation showered the families with funds and offers to help with the experinces, the families of the victims also shared what was given to the widow and children of the gunman. They were also the innocent victims of a husband and father's actions. They reached out with forgivness, even asking the family to remain in the community.
Yesterday, a young man left a single rose on the door of Jared Lee Loughner. Reporters tried to ask him why he did that, but he gave no answer.
That simple act reminded me of the Amish. For Jared's parents are victims as well.
I chose not to judge these two people. The reports are they are broken hearted, crushed by the actions of their son. As a mother of an adult son, I know the measure of pride I have in him.
But I cannot begin to image what they are feeling; the sense of horror knowing that it was my son who released this hell upon this nation. That sense of I am somehow to blame. What did I do to raise a murder? What could I have done to stop him?
Yes, I know, I am so Polly-Annish.
But I chose not to get into the angry fray. I chose to pray for the families who lives will never be the same. That G-d will meet them need them and comfort them during this time of need. That He shall comfort this nation and we as a nation (ALL OF US!) will take some time to do some soul searching and see where we can help this nation soar once again.
And in my prayers, I include the parnets of Jared.
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