Thursday, 14 July 2011

My Big Fat Toe

Boker Tov:
(Which sounds like "broke your toe")
I am sitting in my dayroom, enjoying a cup of coffee.
Truly enjoying my coffee.
Last night was the first time I actually slept. I didn't once wake up in pain. It's been a week since I'd had a good night sleep.
This morning, I actually woke up with a smile and not throw the pillow over my face.
It's a start.
Mark got a part part-time working at the Veteran Center. he starts next week.
It's a start.
And since I am feeling better, I get some things done.
What my big fat toe will allow.
Though now healing nicely, my big fat toe still doesn't allow me to stand long or put much weigh on it. It doesn't allow me to make the bed or clean the bathroom.
But it allows me to fold fresh washed laundry, go though old papers, some need to be fined, others throw away. It allows me to study for the big hebrew test I have coming up.
It is amazing how focus one's toe, big, tiny otherwise, can make one.
The things I had been meaing to do, little projects I needed to finish, I am now working on.
I am even thinking of ways to decorate the bandage since I am going to be wearing this for another week or so.
Might as well have some fun.
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