Thursday, 11 August 2011


I am happy to say I am out of the walking shoe and the toe is fully healed. The big toe nail is slowly growing back.
Mark is coming to the end of his work-study job at the VA. We are hopeful with the new school year beginning soon, he will pick up a job as a Science teacher, doing some tutoring on the side.
And I am in the middle of a hebrew's test. I am going through my first book, page by page. My teacher says I am doing great and I need to trust myself. To have more faith in myself for I know more than I think I do,
Life is a bit of an adjustment. I am thankful Mark is home; this is the longest he has been home since we have been married.
It does mean living on less.
And it means having to listen to folks say: "I don't understand why people can't find work. There are plenty of jobs out there."
Really? Like many Vets, my husband is having a devil of a time finding a job; ANY JOB. Where are these "jobs" I keep hearing about?

Have faith? Yes, we have faith. And it has been stretched greatly.
But in all things we give thanks.
For our home, our friends and family, for each other.
And for the unemployment checks.
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