Saturday, 31 March 2012

A Soldier's Story

Because of problems I had with my lower  back this month, I wasn't really able to do justice to International Woman's Month. But I don't know any better way to close this month than to share the story of a remarkable woman, a relatived of mine.
My cousin, Daniella Prude. I shall let Daniella tell her own story:

" My retirement date is 1 Nov and that will be 22 years served! I have held every leadership position in the Army execpt Sergeants Major. I had two rewarding positions and that was as an Equal Opportunity Advisor, which is a person who monitors discrimination, religious and sexual harassment complaints. I was also a First Sergeant. As the First Sergeant, I was the Senior Enlisted Advisor in a company of over 140 personnel. It was my responsibility to ensure they were trained on all tasks, able to execute with little to no supervision, instill the spirit to Win, achieve, and overcome any obstacle and more importantly do it as a TEAM. Soldiers give you life and it's never a dull moment. They come from all different backgrounds so it's an opportunity to learn about people and their culture to accept it and embrace it. There is a dark side being a female in a Man's Army. Some of the men seem to feel this dominance over us which causes them to sexually assault when given the opportunity. This is an issue that the Army is working on and hopefully in the near future the incidents will decrease. The Army has taught me a lot and I've enjoyed my time. Everything has to come to an end. I have developed some amazing friendships and I wouldn't change that for the world!
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