Friday, 30 March 2012

Who's The Boss

When Montaque walked into our lives and into our hearts, we had no idea how our life and our home would change.
Dog food, doggie treats and Milk Bones are now part of our shopping list, doggie toys fill the apartment and we have an official door greeter.
Our days include visits to the SPCA for shots update and check-ups, visits to Pet shops and the Internet for information about the care and keeping of an older Papillon.
During this time we also learnt who truly is the boss in our home.
A few days ago I was laying down on the bed, trying to get rid of a headache when I heard Monti come into the hallway. I lifted my head and could see he wanted my attention. He came into the bedroom and then walked back out.
Clearly I was to follow him. So I got up and off we went into the kitchen where Mark had just finished preparing the supper plates.
Monti came to tell me supper was ready.
The following morning I found Montaque in the Bathroom. He looked at the shower and then at me.
Shower Time.
Then I finished my shower, Monti then led me to the bedroom. The only he didn't do was pick out my clothes and dress me.
Last night while Mark and I were sitting in the living room talking, Monti came in and began to bark. We hurried into the kitchen, thinking supper was burning. It wasn't. But supper was done.
Smart dog.
Loving dog. We call Monti the Boss. But of course, it is said in love. He has taken over and he is spoiled rotten.
But then again, tell me; could you resist this face?
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