Friday, 21 September 2012

A Cup of Tea


It is the first day of autumn. I confess, for all of my love of summer, autumn is really my favourite time of year.
My thoughts often go back to Boston during this time, back to my school days. I remember the new clothes and shoes for school, new books, pencils and crayons. My penny loafers crumbing the leaves under my feet. The air, crisp as an mackintosh apple. Chicken soup for the after school snack.
Big, chunky sweaters and colourful socks that by the afternoon are covered with the dust of leaves.
Autumn is just as yummy here in Virginia. Though the leaves are already turning colours in New England, we still have a few more weeks before the full blaze of colours.
I find our little Monti also loves autumn. He actually smiles as he and I walk out the door. We do have some leaves on the ground and Monti not only loves to roll in the leaves, but actually jump into a pile. It is so cute.
So now I carry my camera with me for I can catch these moments.
But it is also a bitter-sweet time.
For my friend David also loved autumn. I think of him today. As much as I love my Starbucks, David and I often would share a cup of tea to bring in the autumn season.
It has been a little over a month since David's passing. I haven't been able to drink tea; ice or otherwise.
Tea reminds me of David.
But today, I shall, this afternoon set out the tea set and a pot of tea.
In hour of autumn.
For David.
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