Thursday, 3 February 2011

Black History. Our History

It is early evening here.
The hard drive of my HP laptop has gone bad and since it is an older model, the company doesn't cover it. But there is a Geek Squard at our local Best Buy and I should have it back tomorrow.
Each Feburay this blog becomes a history class, covering moments in Black History.
But this year, the past few days I have been thinking, that Black History (Afrrican -American) is really our history. It is American History. Students shouldn't be permitted not to attend classes and/events because their not Black and thus has nothing to do with them.
The Africans brought to these shores, some as servants, others as slaves helped to create and build this nation. They and their seed shed blood, fighting for freedom: this nation's and their own. They builded schools. First for the chidlren of their masters and then for their own.
I look in the mirror and see the faces of those before who came to before me. Both slave and masters, free men, soldiers, sailors, airmen, teachers, pastors, nurses, authors, mothers, fathers.
I realize that this week I am indeed part of something bigger than myself: as a army wife, I stand beside the man who defends the nation. As a woman of colour, I come from a long of stronge, amazing people who help to make this nation the greatest nation in the world.
I am proud to be a hebric, an american and a woman of colour.
I am proud to be a part of our history.
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