Thursday, 3 March 2011

According to Thy Will: Debbie Prost

Blessed are Thy L-rd Our G-d, Who has nade me according to Thy Will.

Boker Tov;
Every morning, with my morning prayers, I thank G-d who made a woman. And I truly enjoy being one. To me, being a woman is, well, the best thing to be.
This month is Woman History Month. Like Black History Month, we remember and celebrate those remarkable people who have a difference in our lives, in our world.
I start out with one of my closest friends, Debbie Prost.
Blind since she was an infant, Debbie didn't allow her lack of sight from stopping her from getting an education, getting married or have a career as a public school teacher.
And makes the best Passover chocolate cakes I know.
Debbie would the first person to tell you, she isn't handicapped, she's blind. It isn't a disease, just a different way of "seeing" the world. Fearless, with a wonderful laugh, if I can only get her to realize to how wonderful and fulfilling a bagel with melting cheese on top goes with a cup of Starbucks coffee.
Debbie does't like cheese.
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