Wednesday, 9 March 2011

And Then There Was the Laptop

It is said that life is adventure.
I know my is.
Take my laptop.
But, no Starbucks coffee involved (for those new to this blog, I knocked over cup of starbucks coffee all over my laptop.)
This time, while I was working on a project, it just blue screen and died.
What was interesting was when we took the laptop to Best Buy, it died on the tech as well.
So my big blue baby was send off for repairs.
First it was a bad mother board. Replaced. When the laptop came in, it was found to need a new hard drive.
Ok. New hard drive.
While the new hard drive was being added, we learned there wasn't enough memory. More memory.
By now my head is hurting.
So after one month, baby was home.
For one day.
We take her back and the Tech looks up at me and says, "Oh no."
The laptop came on and went right back off.
She wouldn't turn on for the Tech. So back compture hospital baby went.
To Best Buy's credit, they didn't charge me.
Baby was gone another three weeks.
So we recived the call that the laptop was back. And we went to pick her up.
The mother board that was to replace the bad one, was another bad.
So we took her home and within an one we were back at Best Buy. I went to turn it on and found I kept getting a warning about my battery being low.
I wasn't using my battery.
Off we go again.
The battery was dead, but for some reason the cord wasn't connecting to the outlet.
This fixed, home we went again. I kept telling Mark there was somethings still wrong with the laptop.
Within an hour, Mark got blue screen and he alone went back to Best Buy.
It was a software issus. Mark contacted Windows 7 for the recovery disc and Best Buy fixed the problem.
So here I sit, typing on my blue beauty, who is running like a charm.
And have I learned from all of this?
Learn how to fix my own darn computer!
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