Sunday, 13 March 2011

To Live As Jews

To Live As Jews
The above is sadly the world we live in. Wars, earthquakes and the killing of a young rabbi and his family on shabbat.
This is an example of we cannot live in peace with those who by killing us, gain 70 paradise and 70 virgins.
No harden, just mourning the deaths of a young family who's only crime was being jewish. 
We as believers in the Holy One know where the souls of the rightious go.
And we know where the souls of murders go.
Tonight Mark and I will join the commuinty as we say the mourer's kaddish for this family. And we as a communty will go on, living lives worthy of those who have been taken from us.
Our response to this terrorist tragedy must be activism, not despair

Activism. We do not stop praying, we do not studying Torah or teaching our children the holy tongue. We do not allow the evil to slatter our dreams
I just read this a few hours ago..."Ain davar omed bifnei ha'ratzon" -"Nothing stands in the way of resolve." If we care deeply enough, if we feel it in our bones, then we won't take this sitting down. We will begin by educating ourselves, and then we will move on to the rest of the world.
As we prepare to celebrate the Feast of Esther, I cannot help but think there are still Hamans in the world, waiting to kill every jewish man, woman and child.
Wanting to kill me and my husband for the crime of being jewish.
Funny things, those who try to kill have yet to learn from history.
The G-d of our fathers always arises to protect, fight and revenge His people.
And in the shadows of His Wings we His children rest.

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