Tuesday, 15 March 2011

They Say I'm A Dreamer.

It isn't easy to utter the words Shalom these days, since there is so little. But as the Prime Minister said when he visited the family of a young jewish couple and their children: they kill-we build."
G-d is always speaking; the question really is; are we listening.
I am not going to jump onto the band wagon and speak of how what is happening in Japan is G-d's judgement for their sins. Then we need to take tha pointing finger and turn it on our nation, on our state, on our city, on our home, on us.
Nor will I join the choir in the "the left ring nuts" driving the unrest in the Middle East and North Africa. Or the "right wing nuts" looking to serve Mr.Obama's head on a platter.
Though I would wish he would put his golf club down once and a while and do his job instead of whining folks are picking on him.
But that's another topic.
The true problem is, with everything we are seeing unfolding in our world, instead of praying, fasting, donating money and seeing what needs we can meet, we are pointing fingers, blame and even crying the world is coming to an end.
It isn't.
Mark and I have given to the relief fund for Japan. We also went to shopping and donated the food to a Food Bank.
And we pray.
We pray for our President not only for wisdom, but to finally stand and the lead so many thought he was when they voted him into office.
G-d is in control; but He still holds us accountable for the job He has given us to do.
We pray for our world and look for practical ways to make a difference.
As one who lives a Torah life, I know whatever He is doing and/or allowing, He is speaking, trying to get each of our attention.
Maybe it is a vain wish, but maybe, just maybe it is time to put down the protest signs, the rocks and the golf club, take hands and seek G-d's face. and in the doing so, maybe this will be the start of the Shalom each of us seek.
Yes, I know I'm a dreamer.
I chose to dream on
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