Monday, 15 August 2011

Still Home

So I went into the Dinningroom to get my coffee and tripped over Mark's army boots.
Even though he wasn't home for me to fuss at, I was still ready to fuss.
And then I stopped.
Because tripping over Mark's boots means he's still home.
Someone we love and honour remarked that we have a way of finding the bright side of things. I guess we do. And I believe it is one of the reasons our marriage is a good one. It isn't always easy to chose to look for the good; if you burn both sides of the pancakes, how do you say "honey it's just fine?" Answer: you don't serve those pancakes, but make more. Or offer to take your wife out for pancakes.
No, Mark hasn't burned the pancakes. Just likes to take me out. :)
It has been a year next month since his last deployment. And again this is the longest he has been home.
And I love it.
I remember Mark and I speaking about this the other evening, how nice it was having his home.
Yes, we both know that the lovely invitation to return to the dance Afghtanisn could come, but right now we don't think about it, just enjoying our lives.

Last week Mark mention he now knows a few of his triggers, that causes the anger to rise.
We both enjoy Fox News, but there are times it triggers an over reaction. Such as the playing games with the miliarty and their pay, their benifits. So I don't keep the news on long. And please don't suggest CNN: that's a swear word in our home.
So I keep it on Shalom TV. And on that station too, keep away from politcial news.
Besides, Shalom TV is so much better.
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