Monday, 15 August 2011

Silience is The Emeny

Boker Tov;

The reason Mark and I speak out about the PTSD because silence is a killer.
PTSD, like many forms of depression, are still not pnly misunderstood, but not taken seriously.
A "real man can handle anything," is still a catch-word, thrown about like a football.
As the intake worker told Mark and I, "you can't go through four tours and not come out affected." It can't be medicated away, washed away with wine, or prayed away. "Claiming your healing," only adds more guilt that isn't needed.
G-d does heal, but sometimes that healing comes from going through the pregress, not having it taken away.
Besides, prayer isn't a lucky charm.
There is help out there for our warriors, but many fear they will get kicked out of the service over it, that it will affect their careers. It doesn't have to.
Many fear what will happen to their marriages, will their family and friends understand and worse, so much worse will their wife or husband still love them?
With Mark we are able to say there is very little signs of the disorder. But that is because his love for me and our life together was stronger than his pride.
And I realize my beloved needed my love and help, not watching my back side as I walked away when he needed me the most.
It was when the Beast was dealt head on that it because to weaken and finally starting to die.

I learned a lot during this past year as Mark and I struggled through financial lost, health issues and readjustments. There is a time for a couple to band together, close out the world and between and G-d face the storm. We must use wisdom in choosing the people that are to be in our lives; don't over look the red-flags and listen to each other about doubts. This would include with whom and where we worship.
That silence is a killer.
Many who couldn't hande the pain any longer have taken their own lives.
I don't want to read another soldier feeling that helpless.
And that is why we are speaking out.
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