Sunday, 14 August 2011

We Are Amused :)

Well it is another week.
Last friday, was Mark's last day of his Work-Study.
This week he has two interviews with the hopes of picking up tutoring jobs.
As our rabbi pointed out friday afternoon, more and more g-dly people are homeschooling their children and are looking for good science teachers who share their moral and spiritual values.
Yes, when he isn't serving with his unit as an Army Reservist, Mark is a science teacher.
And a science teacher of the worst (or best depending on your view); a torah-observate science teacher.
Should be an interesting year.

I am happy to say that the treatment is beginning to make a huge difference. Mark has PTSD, not as bad as most, but bad enough he needs treatment. Part of his healing was admitting there was a problem.
He laughs again and smiles more. I had to take my track shoes out of moth balls because once again I again getting chased around the apartment.
A huge part is finding just the right support as well as the right medication. We now have a strong support network that doesn't judge, but helps.
I was told much of the progress is due to the fact that I have fought to find Mark what he needed, to protect him from all that would harm him and kick his butt when that was needed as well.
"Do you have any idea how marriages are destroyed over PTD?" I'd been asked.
Too many.
For me it is this simple: I didn't allow nay sayers, cancer or two wars take Mark away from me and PTSD doesn't stand a chance as well.
In marriage there is no such thing as 'his problem' or 'her problem.' It's 'our problem." Whether is is drugs, brooze, cheating, grambling or some form of illness, it is the couple's problem.
So it isn't really Mark has PTSD as it is WE have PTSD.
And it reather nice now to be off the Roller Coaster and on the Merry Go Round.
I hate Roller Coasters.
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