Sunday, 10 February 2013

Keep Going

 When going through hell, make sure you have plenty of Hebrew Nation Hot Dogs and Kosher marsh mellows; you never know when you have to share.

I posted the above quote from Winston Churchill because; 1. It is my favorite and 2. it is where Mark and I are at the moment.
Since we have lost our Internet and I can only get on a few times a week, I find myself having so much to share.
I continue to heal from the flu. Seem I had a rather nasty bout of it. My blood pressure is coming back under control and I am hopeful that the medication will be lower soon as well.
When we were first married, we brought a Select Comfort bed. Over the past three years it has been nothing but trouble, to the point it doesn't even hold air. I found we aren't the only ones who has had a problem with the bed, but we can't allow to buy another bed at this time. So we padded it down the best we can and pray for a good night sleep.
 A few days ago, our landlord and roommate came to Mark and I with some news. There has been a situation that has arisen in his family, that affects him personally and as a result, he has to give us and the other roommates thirty days notice.
While I cannot share the reasons, Mark and I truly understand and support his descion. I just wish there were more stand up guys like our roomie.
Then, Thursday, Mark backed into a car at work with the company trunk. While he did scratch the bumper, no one was hurt. He had to have an urine test to make sure he wasn't taking anything. It is just standard policy.
What we didn't expect was the next day, Mark would be at work long enough to receive the news he was being fired for the accident.
So now we have little less than a month to find a new home and Mark has no job.
But we were blessed with two big boxes of meat, so we will at least be eating well the next month or so.
So, once again we are going through Hell, longing for Paradise to be on the other side. And I must confess, I really don't care for the place.
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