Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pookies Don't Leave.

For family and friends who celebrate Valentine's Day, I hope it was a blessed one for you. Yes, for my friends who do not celebrate, I know of its pagan roots as well as of its christian roots. For Mark and I, it is the time we decided to join our lives together. And therefore, the day holds its own special meaning.
Usually, we go away to Williamsburg for  a few days, but without money, this is the second year we remain home. I made a special meal of roasted veggies over cous-cous that both Mark and Montaque enjoyed.
It has been hard on Mark these few days, not being able to buy me a flower or a card. I thought him, for me it is indeed the thought that counts. Just knowing you want to.
Now get me wrong, I enjoy receiving roses and card like any woman. But I also know that at the moment, pulling what little money we have left into the gas tank, to look for a job is more needful than flowers. Making sure we have food to eat is far more important than a box of chocolate.
I know my husband loves me. And I don't need Valentine's Day for him to show it.
Making sure I have a roof over my head is just as romantic as dinner and a movie.
This morning, Mark looked at me and said: "you really do love me, don't you?"
"Yes, I do."
"Your amazing, another woman would have left a long time ago."
"I'm not another woman, I'm your Pookie Bear. And Pookies don't left."
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