Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Caravan


Well, we are still making our way through hell; every time we think we are making some head way, we find ourselves force a few steps back.
Last Thursday, we found what we thought would be a very nice apartment. With Mark's tax return, we were beginning to believe we just might make the move out deadline.
And then it happen; there it was in Saturday's mail. An old Army Exchange debt claimed the whole of the tax return. So the 2,000.00 we were counting on to live on, to move with, Uncle Sam took away. 
So now, we have nothing, not a place to live, no money to live on.
We went to see my mother and after getting over her shock, she prayed for and with us.
We needed it.
Yet, despite how dire it looks, I continue to pray, to trust G-d shall deliver us through this.
And then, this morning, I found a program from Beth Messiah, the Synagogue we use to attend some years ago.
I saved this and many programs because I love rabbi Rosenfarb's teaching and sermons notes; there is not only such rich teaching, but wisdom in what he shares.
 This one comes from February 2007 (I think) and when I read it to Mark while he took his shower, we both knew that here lie the lifeline we need....
 "In the Torah, Joseph interprets Pharaoh's two dreams and predicts a famine. Pharaoh puts Joseph in charge of handling the famine. Joseph has a family and seven years of plenty are followed by seven years of famine, as predicted. Jacob sends ten of his sons into Egypt to buy grain, but the sons do not recognize Joseph.  But Joseph recognizes his brothers. As a test, Joseph gives back their gold and demands that they bring Benjamin be brought to him. Later the brothers return and are thrown into prison.
The story is moved forward by desperation. At every turn the brothers are thwarted in their simple desire to to buy grain. Yet even to the point of bringing Benjamin into Egypt the Jacob family moves on to what they must to save their family.
The circumstances must have weighed heavily upon the family hearts as their caravan travailed the long journey back and forth.
All the while, salvation was already guaranteed, but they could not possibly have known it. Joseph was going to save his family.
Our journey does not differ. The hard circumstances of life which makes us travel the same roads over and over can steal our hope. But, we must remember this story. G-d has prepared an end to the struggle and a way to deliverance.
Let us continue to walk the caravan with G-d at our side and find our resolve in Him. It will
This word gave Mark and I
hope, a lifeline to hold onto. I share this with all who are travelling the caravan through hell with us.
Thank you, Rabbi Rosenfarb
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