Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Carolina CupCakery: A Sweet Treat

Boker Tov:
Several years ago, I gave my mother a Mother's Day card that cost six dollars.
Yes, it was a VERY nice card.
Mummie loved it. But guess who forgot to blacken out the price on the back of the card?
One eyebrow went up; "I better be able to eat this!"
To say that mummie was ready to hit me with her cane over spend so much money on a card is an understatement.
So this year, to avoid a repect of the above, I decided on something sweet.
Several months ago, Mark while getting coffee, found  Carolina CupCakery Cafe. A little pricey, but worth it. Made from srcatch, all natural, the company offers not only kosher, but vegan and gluten free cupcakes.
There are several reasons why I love this store and not just because they offer a good cupcake:
Dawn, the Founder and owner of Carolina Cupcakery, along with her two daughters started the busniess about four years ago.  From the beginning, Dawn has been committed to offering a preservative-free, chemical-free gourmet product. She had been advised that her idea would not work because so many people prefer the cheaper super moist box mixes.
Thankfully, Dawn didn't listen. 
As a baker myself, I know that  scratch baked goods do not taste like pudding and they do not last for weeks. Butter, sugar and flour have expiration dates and cupcakes do too. There are no  preservatives in Carolina Cupcakes, but they are nice and fresh. 
The fact that the owner has gone out of her way to make a product to a market often overlooked as well as  taste good is a major plus. 
And they are pretty.
This is AnnaBella, made for mum Reel's birthday. It is a lemon cupcake with a lavender flower on top. She said it was wonderful.

And these lovely beauties are the Red Velvet. This is the sweet treat we decided to give our mothers instead of cards.
Mummie said her cupcake lasted 15 minutes.
Both mums love the new tradition of cupcakes instead of cards.
I know dad is waiting for next month :)
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