Friday, 20 May 2011

I Don't Believe So

By now most who are reading this blog entry have heard that the World is Ending tomorrow.
One Harold Camping, 89 years old, has, using the scriptures and what he believes are biblical dates (i.e the date of Noah's Flood, etc) that the rapture will occur tomorrow evening around six p.m.
Mr. Camping believes that the Rapture, when Messiah will call His people home to be with Him and all hell will break loose on earth.
I did a little research on Mr. Camping; this isn't the first time he has set the date as 1994, even wrote a book by that title. 1994? (That's the title)
Because of my home training and torah teaching, Mr. Camping is an older man and so I shall be respect, though I do believe he is wrong.
As a Messinac Jew, I do believe in the words of Yeshua who said "No man knows the times or seasons of the Coming of the Son of Man, not even the Son."
The meaning is clear, not even Messiah knows when He shall return.
The return of Messiah is to be as a Thief in the Night.
No thief announce when he/she will break into a home.
Are we living in the last days before Messiah's return? Yes. But for people of faith, this isn't a fearful thing, but something that gives us hope. A hope we can share with others.
Sadly, all Mr.Camping has done has caused fear with many and caused g-dly people to be a laughstock. Because every person who has ever set a date they believe is when "Messiah Returns" or "The World Will End" has proved to be false and they come out looking like liars.
I truly believe in the Promises of the Bible and Messiah. I also believe the Torah.
"No man knows the day or the hour."
With respect Mr. Camping, I don't believe so.
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