Sunday, 15 May 2011

What is Your Torah? Part 2

Boker Tov:
It has been a quiet day for far.
Mark is attending his last day of drill. It's crazy to miss your beloved so much when they shall return home with twelve hours instead of twelve months, but I do.
So, right now I am taking a break from cleaning the bedroom. Really can't rearrange the room; too small. And still no good leads on finding a home.
But our house is out there.

I remember as a child learning Torah at the feet on mother, grandmother and uncle Oscar.
Different points of view and yet they said the same thing:
"Put shoe leather to your prayers (Grandmother)
"Be the answer to the prayers you utter (Mother)
"If you can't live it, keep my mouth shut. (Uncle Oscar.)
Oh there was more, of course, but the lession stuck.
Mainly because I watched the examples of others.
I watched people who claimed to be followers of G-d, to love, honour and obey Him. People who could spend hours and hours studying the bible, praying and preaching to others. Yet their families went often time neglected, their work habits weren't the best and were as mean as a snake.
And then I knew people claimed to love G-d, to honour follow and obey Him and spend a few hours in Bible study and prayer and their familes had their full attendion and knew they were loved. These dear people were the most faithful of workers and were amoung the kindnest , sweetest, G-d like folk I have ever met.
The diffence?
One word: Balance.
Yes, I love my time of prayer and study. But it cannot be my life. I am also a wife, G-d willing day, a mother, a daughter and a friend. I am a servant of G-d.
Just as there must be a balance in all areas of life, it must be the same in our spiritual as well. Just as I must make time to be with the Holy One, I also must make time to be with my beloved, with friends, with family. It is the making of a meal, changing of a diaper, sharing a cup of coffee with a friend. It is sharing a laugh with Liz via the inernet and praying for my doggie buddie Koda who is fighting cancer. 
So what is my Torah?
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